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Dirty Bad Wrong (Dirty Bad #1) by Jade West @jadewestauthor #Review #5+Stars #DirtyBad #OUAP

Dirty Bad Wrong (Dirty Bad #1)..

***5+ Stars*** See that little thing in the distance running for dear life. Yep, that’s my comfort zone. It took off, never to be seen again. And I couldn’t care less if I tried. “Dirty Bad Wrong” by Jade West took me out of my comfort zone, very much like Lydia, the main character was […]

Dirty Bad Strangers  (Dirty Bad, #3) by Jade West Blog Tour #blogtour #bdsm #ouap @jadewestauthor

Dirty Bad Strangers (Dirty Ba..

***5+ Stars*** Sweet baby Jesus and mother of all that’s holy. “Dirty Bad Strangers” by Jade West is probably the dirtiest and edgiest book in the “Dirty Bad” series. It’s panty-soaking hot and a guarantee for an on-going lady-boner all throughout the book. Even more so than in previous books, Jade West proves she doesn’t […]

Dirty Bad Savage (Dirty Bad #2) by Jade West @jadewestauthor #Review #5+Stars #DirtyBad #OUAP

Dirty Bad Savage (Dirty Bad #2..

***5+ Stars*** Dirty Bad Savage by Jade West might have set my panties on fire, but the damage to my heart was way worse. With the story of Callum and Sophia, she obliterated my heart. Though a BDSM romance at heart, it was so much more than dirty, wild, kinky as hell sex. Don’t get […]