Author: Sabrina Paige

Cannon (A Step Brother Romance, #3) by Sabrina Paige #Review #StepBrother #4Stars #OUAP

Cannon (A Step Brother Romance..

***5+ Stars*** I don’t even know where to start. I’m kinda running out of stars when it comes to Cannon by Sabrina Paige, since this one is even better than the two previous ones. Cannon by Sabrina Paige is loaded with emotion, heart-ache and sexiness. It’s the perfect mix that just had me wanting more, […]

Tool (A Step Brother Romance, #2) by Sabrina Paige #Review #5Star #StepBrother #OUAP

Tool (A Step Brother Romance, ..

So I already thought that Prick by Sabrina Paige was awesome. Then I read Tool and it has taken my breath away. Sabrina Paige managed to write another stepbrother romance that is even better than her first one. Better than any stepbrother romance IÔÇÖve read so far. Absolutely amazing. The characters and the story knocked […]

Prick (A Step Brother Romance, #1) by Sabrina Paige #Review #StepBrother #4Stars #OUAP

Prick (A Step Brother Romance,..

Prick was my first book by Sabrina Paige, and surely won’t be my last. Not only was Prick a sweet, angst-filled romance, it was also so fucking hot and dirty, my panties melted into oblivion. I basically devoured the book in one day, not able to get enough of the hotness that is Caulter Sterling. […]