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Someone To Come Back To by Roi..

**The book can be found on Amazon for a special promo price of $2.99 and it will be going up to $3.50 after that** I have had the privilege of reading all of RoisinÔÇÖs novellas.┬á The one thing which has always stood out is how I wanted more.┬á I LOVE that Roisin finally wrote a […]

Remember Me by Roisin Black #Review #OUAP @RoisinBlackAuth

Remember Me by Roisin Black #R..

Revenge served cold and calculated.┬á Flynn hasnÔÇÖt been home in a long time.┬á While heÔÇÖs been gone, he has reinvented himself.┬á That includes changing his name, his body, his bank account and social status.┬á No one back home will recognize him outside of his immediate family.┬á Now is the time to turn the tables and […]