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Everywhere & Every Way by Jennifer Probst #Review #OUAP @jenniferprobst

Everywhere & Every Way by..

Posted May 24, 2016 by Loredana in 2016, 3.5 stars / 0 Comments

This new series by Jennifer Probst feels like a bit of a departure from her normal writing style. ┬áThe premise of the story is quite interesting, but the characters took me a while to bond with (and truthfully, they never became my book friends). ┬áThe writing is still well done, but I think my main […]

Searching for Beautiful by Jennifer Probst #Review #OUAP @jenniferprobst

Searching for Beautiful by Jen..

Jennifer Probst can write the hell out of a story.┬á I mean, SERIOUSLY.┬á This book introduces us to Gen and Wolfe.┬á We meet Gen in a crucial moment when she finally decides that she needs to listen to that internal voice she has managed to squelch for two years.┬á You know that voice of reason […]

Searching for Always by Jennifer Probst #Review #5Stars #OUAP @jenniferprobst

Searching for Always by Jennif..

Oh, Jennifer Probst, youÔÇÖve done it again.┬á How can you not love the ladies of KinnectionsÔǪthe relationship amongst these women, the men who win their hearts and the women themselves?┬á DY.NO.MITE!┬á They are intelligent women, compassionate, and a boat load of fun.┬á They are so busy helping other find love and love happens to find […]