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#ReleaseBlitz Unspoken Vows by..

    UNSPOKEN VOWS (The Unspoken Love Series) SYNOPSIS: Once upon a time, a boy met a girl. The boy liked the girl. Years later, the boy fell in love with the girl. Lucky for him, the girl fell in love with the boy, too. Soon after, the boy asked the girl to marry him. […]

Unspoken Words by HP Davenport #Review @hpdavenportauth

Unspoken Words by HP Davenport..

I feel like this book straddles the line of contemporary romance and coming of age. ┬áWe follow Jamie and Camryn from when they were kids (via flashbacks and progression of the story) and watch them evolve into adults. ┬áRather than risk a friendship, they’ve chosen to hide their feelings for way too long. ┬áBut all […]

#Sale Unspoken Words by H.P. Davenport #Excerpt @hpdavenportauth

#Sale Unspoken Words by H.P. D..

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FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED !! ┬á He leans down and moves his mouth over mine, devouring its softness. Slowly, I lift my arms around his neck, running my hands through his thick hair. I tug on his hair, not wanting this kiss to end. When he pulls back, he leaves my mouth burning with fire.┬á […]