Author: Emha Goliesh

June 9th (Untouch Me, #1) by E..

(┬»`v┬┤┬») .`ÔÇó.┬©.ÔÇó┬┤ ┬©.ÔÇó┬┤.ÔÇó┬┤┬¿) ┬©.ÔÇó┬¿) (┬©.ÔÇó┬┤(┬©.ÔÇó┬┤ (┬©.ÔÇó┬¿┬»`*3 1/2 Star Review June 9th is an inspired debut novel by Emha Goliesh. Her heroine Lacey Shyver is a unique character with a life complicated by her physical disability (muscular dystrophy) & her near perpetual state of emotional distress. We follow her through a year and a half (ish) […]