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Birthquake by B.L. Berry My rating: 5 of 5 stars I adored BL Berry’s An Unforgivable Love Story. It was unique and surprised me wit the depth of emotion that the characters achieved. The same happened with Birthquake. By name only I thought this would be a purely humorous romantic comedy, but it turned into […]

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#CoverReveal ~ Birthquake by B..

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs Release Date: September 21, 2017 Synopsis WARNING: Highly prone to spontaneous fits of delirium, irrational logic and violent, unpredictable mood swings. This individual has been sober, swollen and hungry for the past nine months, so proceed with caution and handle with care. Anything said during the course of labor and […]

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An Unforgiveable Love Story by..

  ÔÿåÔÿåÔ£»ÔÇ┐Ô×╣ÔüÇÔÿåÔ£» 5 Stars┬áÔÿåÔ£»┬á┬áÔÇ┐Ô×╣ÔüÇÔÿåÔÿåÔ£» Well doesn’t that title just make you curious? I certainly was, and rightfully so. AULS is an unusual love story for sure with a story line that contains more than couple of interesting twists. – both in plot and how it made me feel. Told in 4 parts, the story unfolds […]