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#Review Playing the Player (Sydney Smoke..

#Review Playing the Player (Sydney Smoke Rugby #3) by Amy Andrews #4Stars #FavoriteSeries #Sports #ContemporaryRomance @AmyAndrewsbooks

I think the only thing I don’t like about this series is that the books are always so damn short. Playing the Player is no exception from the rest of the series—it’s hot, funny, intriguing, and heartwarmingly beautiful. Linc and Em couldn’t be any more different, but it’s what ultimately brings them together. Sometimes opposites do attract. We’ve known Linc […]

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#BlogTour Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke ..

#BlogTour Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby, #2) by Amy Andrews #SydneySmoke #Sports #Rugby #ComingSoon #Series @AmyAndrewsbooks @RSofRomance

Who would have thought IÔÇÖm going to fall in love with a bunch of rugby players! IÔÇÖm a hockey girl, and yet, I think I have to start watching rugby any way I can. IÔÇÖm in love with this series. Playing it Cool an old tale, curvy girl meets sexy athlete. Yet, this one comes with a very unique and […]

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#ExcerptReveal Playing it Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby, #2) by Amy Andrews #SydneySmoke #Sports #Rugby #ComingSoon #Series @AmyAndrewsbooks @RSofRomance

Excerpt ÔÇ£What do you want?ÔÇØ Her voice was husky as she slid her hands onto his thighs and Dex shivered at her touch. He shrugged. Just looking down at her like this, her face upturned, her long dark hair falling down her naked back, her breasts thrust out and tipped in a golden glow from the television was driving him […]

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#BlogTour Playing by Her Rules (Syndey Somke Rugby, #1) by Amy Andrews #Giveaway #MustRead #Series #Sports @AmyAndrewsbooks

#mightbelove Playing by Her Rules is one of those books that sneak up on you and surprise you with it’s amazing-ness. I’m a lover of sports romanceÔÇöhockey, football, soccer, baseballÔÇö but never before have I read about Rugby, and let me tell you, I’m so very glad I finally did! This is one of the best second chance romances I […]

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