Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert    #review #ouap @TeresaMummert

Pretty Little Things by Teresa..

***4 Stars*** “Pretty Little Things” by Teresa Mummert was a fantastic read, but it was twisted as hell and messed with my head and heart a lot. It was different than what I expected from the blurb. Very very different. It was darker and way more intense and raw. And I absolutely loved that. There […]

The Memory Witch by Heather Topham Wood  #paranormal #ouap #review @woodtop255

The Memory Witch by Heather To..

***5+ Stars*** A good paranormal story will not only whisk you away from you real life and allow you to immerse yourself completely in the characters lives, but will let you believe that all the magical and extraordinary things could be real and happening to someone you know, where you live. “The Memory Witch” by […]

Left Drowning by Jessica Park #6Stars #Review #LeftDrowning #NextRead #OUAP @JessicaPark24

Left Drowning by Jessica Park ..

***6 Stars*** I have gotten this book from the author in exchange for an honest review and I can’t thank Jessica Park enough. I was going to write a review containing two words: Just wow. But then I decided you might want to know a bit more. I wonder if Jessica Park sat down one […]

Shadows And Gold by Elizabeth Hunter         #paranormal #review #ouap @E__Hunter

Shadows And Gold by Elizabeth ..

***5+ Stars*** Elizabeth Hunter is a freak of nature and I mean that in the most positive way. Everything she writes is just pure gold. Her stories never disappoint. It’s truly extraordinary. “Shadows and Gold” is no different. This novella focuses on Ben and Tenzin and their trip to China. Those two characters are amazing […]