Exploration (The Potential Trilogy, #1) ..

Exploration (The Potential Trilogy, #1) by Peyton Sloane #Review #OUAT #PotentialTrilogy

Exploration depicts Jazzmyne MickelsonÔÇÖs journey of self-discovery. She travels to Paris by herself after her husband dies of cancer in need of an adventure and experience all the things she had to sacrifice over the last few years due to her husbandÔÇÖs sickness. On the plane she meets Julian St. Sauveur and an erotic journey begins for both of them. […]

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Fury (Seven Deadly, #3) by Fisher Ameli..

Fury (Seven Deadly, #3)  by Fisher Amelie #Review #SevenDeadly #OUAP

Fury has been my first novel by Fisher Amelie, and even though itÔÇÖs part of her Deadly Sins Series, and I missed some of EthanÔÇÖs story from Greed, I had no problems keeping up with what was happening. It can definitely be read as a standalone. Having been dumped by what he thinks is the love of his life, Ethan […]

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Up In Smoke (Crossing the Line, #2) by T..

Up In Smoke (Crossing the Line, #2) by Tessa Bailey #Review #CrossingTheLine #OUAP

Tessa Baily is one of my go to authors. Whenever I need a steamy, hot, and angsty read, I turn to her book, and Up In Smoke did not disappoint. Tessa Bailey knows how to make you swoon, while at the same time gripping the edge of your seat trying to figure out what will happen. Connor and Erin are […]

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Anew Book 2: Hunted by Josie Litton #Rev..

Anew Book 2: Hunted by Josie Litton #Review #Anewseries #OUAP @JosieLitton

In Book 2, we continue on the turbulent ride known as Ian and Amelia.┬á When we last left them in book 1, our tortured characters parted ways for the sake of physical, emotional and mental safety.┬á Amelia, a replica who has recognized her own free will and sense of self, still struggles with the fate she was dealt and her […]

Posted September 16, 2015 by Loredana

Very Twisted Things (Briarcrest Academy,..

Very Twisted Things (Briarcrest Academy, #3) by Ilsa Madden-Mills #Review #BriarcrestAcademy #OUAP

~ Review by Anja ÔÇ£You make me wish for things that will never be,ÔÇØ I whispered. ÔÇ£You want to be a star, and all I want is you.ÔÇØ ~Violet This third installment of one of my favorite series, The Briarcrest Academy, has it all; a broken heroine, a struggling hero, misunderstandings and miscommunication, a jealous bitch out to destroy them, […]

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Very Wicked Things (Briarcrest Academy, ..

Very Wicked Things (Briarcrest Academy, #2) by Ilsa Madden-Mills #Review #BriarcrestAcademy #OUAP

~Review by Anja Life, more often than not, isnÔÇÖt the fairytale institutions like Disney would like us to believe. Life is not fair or smooth. Life can be destructive and shatter everything that you believe it. Life is about dealing with your struggles and making the most of it. This is exactly what Madden-Mills showed us with ÔÇÿVery Wicked ThingsÔÇØ […]

Posted September 16, 2015 by Anja