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OC Me by Kristin Albright         #youngadult #mustread #ouap @K_M_Albright

OC Me by Kristin Albright ..

***5 Stars*** Books do many different things for readers. They can evoke emotions, they can educate, they can even change someone’s life. “OC Me” by Kristin Albright has the power to do all three in my opinion. It’s the type of book I believe everyone should read – every teenager, every parent, every adult. This […]

Land Of The Beautiful Dead by R. Lee Smith   #review #mustread #ouap #dystopian

Land Of The Beautiful Dead by ..

***All The Stars In The Universe*** I considered writing a review that only consisted of these two words: Read this! But then I guessed you’d like a little more information on why you should read it. And I can tell you why. Because “Land Of The Living Dead” by R. Lee Smith is hands down […]

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Blog Tour #OUAP #newrelease #mustread @PenDouglas

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Bl..

Title: Corrupt Author: Penelope Douglas Genre: Dark, Erotica, Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 17, 2015 Organized by: As the Pages Turn ***5+ Stars*** I’ve been corrupted and I can’t say I mind it. This book left my mind in a state of messed up chaos, my hormones raging. It made my ovaries explode and caused […]

Out Of Time by Beth Flynn   #review #mustread #ouap @AuthorBethFlynn

Out Of Time by Beth Flynn #r..

***5+ Stars*** I think my brain might’ve exploded. And I won’t even mention the damage to my poor little heart. “Out of Time” by Beth Flynn has left me an overwhelmed mess – emotionally and mentally. I already considered “Nine Minutes” to be exceptional, but “Out Of Time” reaches new heights. Its complexity and intelligent […]