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#MustRead  ~ A Love Letter To Whiskey By Kandi Steiner ~ #ReleaseDay #BlogTour #6StarReview #BuddyRead @kandisteiner @GiveMeBooksBlog

#MustRead ~ A Love Letter To ..

Review “Jamie was whiskey, that much I was sure of. I couldn’t deny the way he burned, the way his taste lingered. Still, no one warned me that once a whiskey girl, always a whiskey girl. But I was figuring it out.” Loredana: Whiskey burns. If you’re not ready, it can almost feel like a […]

The Bachelor Auction by Rachel..

Are you ready to Meet Brock Wellington? Order your copy today! Amazon US:┬á Amazon UK: iBooks: B&N: Kobo: GooglePlay: And it all started with a pair of shoes and some b*tchy sisters. ┬áDid I get you interested? ┬áGood, you should be. ┬áThe story plays up the Cinderella premise┬ábut steams […]

Hawthorne & Heathcliff by..

You know one of those books that doesn’t necessitate big drama to be amazing? One of those stories so developed and characters who are so poignant that even though months have passed, they have taken up residence in your heart and mind? Yeah, this book is one of those rare finds. I stumbled upon this […]

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tilli..

At the encouragement of a friend, I made the best (and tortured) decision to read A Thousand Boy Kisses. IÔÇÖll put it out there right nowÔǪIÔÇÖm gutted. I read this book nearly two weeks ago, and have had a book hangover since. ItÔÇÖs taken this long for me to write a review because IÔÇÖm haunted, […]