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Vintage Vol. 2 by Lisa Suzanne #Review #OUAP #Vintage @LisaSuzanne24

Vintage Vol. 2 by Lisa Suzanne..

Out the gate and BOOM!┬á ThatÔÇÖs the best way to describe how this book started.┬á Lisa Suzanne dealt us quite a few plot twists and turns in the second volume of Vintage.┬á I normally can see them coming, and I certainly did not anticipate a few! We pick up right where we left off with […]

Vintage Vol. 1 by Lisa Suzanne #Review #OUAP #Vintage @LisaSuzanne24

Vintage Vol. 1 by Lisa Suzanne..

Hot Rocker? Check.┬á Steamy Sex?┬á Check?┬á Plot twists that leave you guessing?┬á Check. Roxanna Cecelia ÔÇ£JimiÔÇØ Price, the daughter of a legendary rocker, has led a solitary existence for most of her life.┬á SheÔÇÖs such a closed off, scared, and solitary creature that the chill of loneliness jumps off of the pages.┬á While it is […]

Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson #Review #OUAP @booksby_sarah

Breaking a Legend by Sarah Rob..

The great Kavanagh family is good Irish stock with plenty of boys to make you drool.┬á In this book, we get to meet the legendary Rory.┬á First, let’s talk about the amazing cover art for this book.┬á It’s WONDERFUL and matches the book perfectly, setting the tone for what’s to come.┬á I love a tough […]