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Stalker (Stalker, #1) by Clarissa Wild @WildClarissa #4.5Stars #Review #Stalker #OUAP

Stalker (Stalker, #1) by Clari..

There are a few things I learned reading Stalker by Clarissa Wild. 1. Clarissa Wild is an evil mastermind. 2. I’m sick in the head and I don’t think there is a cure. There has to be something wrong with me. It’s not normal. It’s disturbing, really. Disturbing to swoon for Phoenix Sullivan. I don’t […]

Interference by Dakota Madison #4.5Stars #Review #OUAP

Interference by Dakota Madison..

Sedona Miller knows what she wants, and is well on her way to getting it. She is deeply entrenched in trying to make it through the remaining days of her undergraduate studies, hanging out with her roommate Lewis, and planning for the future. That is, until life throws a curveball, er, minivan in her way. […]