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Ready to Burn (Due South #3) by Tracey A..

Ready to Burn (Due South #3) by Tracey Alvarez @TraceyAlvarezNZ #Review #5Stars #DueSouth #OUAP

You know the saying, ÔÇ£If you canÔÇÖt stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?ÔÇØ┬á Well, based on the heat generated by these two, itÔÇÖs worth it to stay in and sizzle!┬á Del and Shaye grew up together, but lost touch when Del moved to LA with his mom.┬á Del comes back to the island to help run the kitchen […]

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Melting Into You (Due South #2) by Trace..

Melting Into You (Due South #2) by Tracey Alvarez @TraceyAlvarezNZ #Review #5Stars #DueSouth #OUAP

Welcome back to Due South and Stewart Island.┬á Meet Ben Harland, and the resident Italian hottie, Kezia Murphy. ThereÔÇÖs always something sizzling down in New Zealand! Ben is living the easy life.┬á His main concerns are making sure his boat tour business stays afloat and sampling the hot tourists. He doesnÔÇÖt want any attachments on the island, but little did […]

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In Too Deep South (Due South #1) by Trac..

In Too Deep South (Due South #1) by Tracey Alvarez @TraceyAlvarezNZ #Review #5Stars #DueSouth #OUAP

In the first installment of the Due South trilogy, we meet Piper and Ryan ÔÇ£WestÔÇØ Westlake.┬á He was her brotherÔÇÖs best friend and the great love of her life.┬á That is, until he shattered her heart nine years ago.┬á Her world fell apart and Piper knew she couldnÔÇÖt stay in Oban. Piper is a tough cookie.┬á She is riddled with […]

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Away by B.A. Wolfe #Review #OUAP #5Stars..

Away by B.A. Wolfe #Review #OUAP #5Stars @BAWolfe3

A heart breakingly beautiful 5(+) stars!! Sometimes accidents arenÔÇÖt so accidental.┬á Life has a way of bringing you to the point where you need to beÔǪ especially when youÔÇÖre down, lost and/or sad.┬á Blind corners can crash you into a tree and bring you back to life.┬á Cassandra and Jason discover each other through an instant connection, flickering a spark […]

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Under the Orange Moon (Mathews Family #1..

Under the Orange Moon (Mathews Family #1) by Adrienne Frances @FrancesAdrienne #5Stars #Review #OUAP

Dylan is the baby of the family ÔÇô the youngest, the baby girl.┬á She was fiercely protected by her brothers, yet outrageously teased by them. ┬áDylan ÔÇ£WeedÔÇØ Matthews could give as good as she got.┬á But, what she wanted is something she could never have.┬á The object of her affection, Ben McKenna, played a dual role in her life.┬á He […]

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Jake Understood (Jake #2) by Penelope Wa..

Jake Understood (Jake #2) by Penelope Ward @PenelopeAuthor #5+Stars #Review #Jake #OUAP

***5+ Stars*** This book takes us from the beginning to well past where Jake Undone ended.┬á You get to follow JakeÔÇÖs thinking, rationalization, and feel his acute struggle to do what is right. As the fortune cookie says, ÔÇ£ItÔÇÖs easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.ÔÇØ I felt the same way when reading the book. I thought […]

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