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Interference by Dakota Madison #4.5Stars #Review #OUAP

Interference by Dakota Madison..

Sedona Miller knows what she wants, and is well on her way to getting it. She is deeply entrenched in trying to make it through the remaining days of her undergraduate studies, hanging out with her roommate Lewis, and planning for the future. That is, until life throws a curveball, er, minivan in her way. […]

Rise Of The True Immortal (First Blood, #1) by Chelsea Ballinger #4Stars #FirstBlood #Review #OUAP

Rise Of The True Immortal (Fir..

I was immediately drawn into the book, even though my first thought was ÔÇ£really, another vampire book that ÔÇÿredefinesÔÇÖ themÔÇØ? Once I was able to get past that issue, the story line was intriguing and fresh. Learning why Jericho has always felt different is pretty darn awesome, too. Kudos to Ballinger on this! The name […]