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Teacher: The Final Act (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy #3)  by R.L. Merrill #Review #OUAP @rlmerrillauthor

Teacher: The Final Act (A Holl..

With the promise of more rock-n-romance from RL Merrill, Teacher: The Final Act, closes out the ÔÇ£Teacher TrilogyÔÇØ. This one, quiet frankly left me with a bit of a book hangover. The series covers about a year on the life of Jesse Martin and Danny Black, from their introduction as Student and Teacher. The story […]

Verum  (The Nocte Trilogy #2)  by Courtney Cole #Review #OUAP @Court_Writes

Verum (The Nocte Trilogy #2) ..

The second in Courtney ColeÔÇÖs Nocte Trilogy, Verum, is truly a mind-bender. Going in, I really thought that the┬áanxiety I felt in the last 15% of Nocte would ease up. But did it? No, in fact I think it doubled. I think IÔÇÖve only experienced that level of bewilderment in a few past reads. With […]

Teacher: Act Two (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy #2)  by R.L. Merrill #Review #OUAP @rlmerrillauthor

Teacher: Act Two (A Hollywood ..

If I loved and connected with the characters in R.L. MerrillsÔÇÖ Teacher – A Hollywood RockinÔÇÖ Romance Trilogy Part One, the feeling quadrupled in Teacher: Act Two. The story picks up where Teacher left us hanging (yes, its trilogy so expect some cliff hangers. But they are well timed to the storyline. In TA2 Jesse […]