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Anja ProfileHello y’all, I’m Anja (or Anya for everyone who’s a native English speaker) and I’m addicted to coffee and books, not necessarily in that order.

I’ve loved reading since I can remember. It all started when my mom read The Little Prince to me when I was around five, and me begging her to read it again, and again. As well as me later on continuously re-reading it myself—still do, I love that book. Throughout my teenage years, I fell in love with Harry Potter and the classics; Jane Austen, Bronte, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, and Hugo. I know, a very unconventional and diverse list, but I couldn’t get enough of any of their worlds.

However, my love for Romance started just about 10 years ago with Jaime and Claire in Diana Gabaldon’s epic love story Outlander. Though, it took me years, and for FSOG to be published, to find the so-called Indie Community. From there, I found authors like Madeline Sheehan, Kristen Ashley, CP Smith, KS Adkins (to name some of my favorites), who really opened the door for me to all that was out there, and I’ve never look back after that.

Reading was never a chore for me, but something I could escape reality with. I read whenever I have the chance, including when I’m sitting in one of my classes, some books just can’t be put down, no matter how hard I try.

I’m looking forward to chatting with y’all about books, authors, and everything else under the sun!

CCBHello fellow book lovers! My name is Cyndi and I’m honored to be included in this band of book bloggers. Reading is a true love of mine. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not making time to read as I love suspending reality, even if it’s for just an hour. Often it’s while my husband is watching sports or actually playing golf. During the summer, for a least one night a week, I’m  a “golf widow”. I’ll admit that I take advantage of this time to read to my hearts content and have desert for dinner.

For me, reading is a way to escape and a way to “experience” things I never would experience in my world, that’s a positive right? Maybe, but not always. I’m an empath and I attach myself to what the characters feel. This can carry on for months, or I can leave it behind when I finish a story—and this is most definitely a qualifier when I’m rating a book. I believe that I can read about angst and drama because my home life is pretty mellow. Aside from reading, I enjoy gardening, lounging on my new “reading” deck, being crafty (Making bookmarks, cards, scrapbooking). Living in Colorado, my husband and I often take advantage of the sunny weather to go on motorcycle rides in the foothills and mountains. I discovered years ago to use this opportunity to listen to audio books on a long ride.

I got back into reading for fun after I finished decade working towards my BA. What got me back into it, almost as a sport, was regency romance. My favorites in this genre are Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balough, Lisa Kleypas, and Eloisa James. I shouldn’t even attempt to list my favorites in the Contemporary/Dark/Mafia/Comedic Romance genre. But fool that I am, I’ll list a few that bubble up to the top: Kristen Ashley, Renee Carlino, CD Reiss, JM Darhower & Helena Hunting.

Finding Goodreads had a huge impact on my life. Being able to track what books I’ve read and to rate for recommendations were once the primary reasons. But, it was the Groups feature that opened up my world. I’ve made so many amazing friends through GR—including my co-bloggers at https://www.facebook.com/OUAPblog and doing Buddy Reads is one of my favorite ways to experience a book. My hope is that you’ll find our reviews refreshing and honest, and that our recommendations and favorites are ones you come to love too.

Loredana PictureHI! *waves from behind her kindle* I’m Loredana (rhymes with Madonna..one word, nope never said that one before). Confession time. I love books. Yes, I am a book-aholic and I’m not in recovery. Books are a magical wonderland for me. Regardless of genre, I fall so deeply into the pages of the story that I often forget that I’m not in the same room as the characters. I think I have to charge my kindle at least times per day since that sucker gets a battery workout on the regular. I’ve been addicted to books since I was a wee tot. Anytime there was a chance to read, I had my nose stuck in a book. All night book reads? Guilty. I’ll admit I stayed up all night to read book 7 of the Harry Potter series the same day I received it. There *may* have been other times it’s happened (wink, wink). I’m also a bit of a book hoarder; keeping all the books I have bought so I can revisit my friends throughout the years.

Anything is game from the classics (heart me some Pride and Prejudice), To Kill A Mockingbird and Gone With The Wind to Contemporary Romance (OMG, I LOVE Pucked by Helena Hunting, Brightside by Kim Holden, Fallen Crest Series by Tijan, and too many others to name). I’m lucky books speak to me in such a vivid and loud voice—my secret retreat.

When I’m not reading, you can find me chasing after my energetic poppet, practicing yoga, spoiling my cat or baking & cooking up a storm in the kitchen for my super hubs.

My favorite genres include: YA, NA, Contemporary Romance and Dystopian. Visit us on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/OUAPBlog so we can gush together over stories, characters and how they touched us!

PaulaHi, I’m Paula. I love books, but you might have guessed that since I review them on here. But I really, really love books — always have. Even as a kid, I couldn’t get enough of it. A blanket, a book and a cup of tea and I was happy. This hasn’t changed to this day. I love to read them, to smell them, to touch them — and damn, does this sound dirty.

For years, I refused to even consider getting an e-reader, not wanting to give up the book smell, the feel of the pages underneath my fingers or the sound of turning a page. That all changed when I got my first smartphone and hubby downloaded the Kindle app. I turned up my nose at him, making it very clear there is no chance in hell I’ll read on an electronic device. Turns out, he was right — as usually.

This was the beginning of an obsession that has consumed countless hours and money. Hmmm, I wonder if he just wanted some undisturbed time for his gaming. But whatever his motivation, I had lost my heart to a phone app. I downloaded a few freebies and got hooked. Now my poor Kindle is nearly breaking down under the weight of thousands of eBooks that are waiting to be read and yet, I can’t help my one-clicking addiction. I read everywhere—lunch break at work, doctor’s office, bathtub, in the line at the store as well as in my car on the parking lot at work. Yeah, that really happened one winter—I sat in my car reading the famous—just one more chapter—for about 30 minutes until my boss actually knocked on my window and asked me if I lost my marbles. He forgot that I never had them to begin with.

One of the greatest things that the Kindle App has achieved is leading me to blogging. Not only do I get to share my opinion about books with the world, but I found some of the most awesome friends. And not to mention, I get to fangirl over awesome authors and even became friends with some of them. This makes me feel like the cool kid of all the sudden. Ha, I always knew my bookworm tendencies would pay off eventually. Who needs parties anyways?

I’ll read many genres: New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Erotica, Dystopian—if it catches my interest, I’ll read it. I could start naming my favorite authors but then you’d be up all night. But I’ll happily talk to you about them on our Facebook page.