About the Blog

We are four awesome, if a little (book)crazy, ladies, who have decided to go our own way, make our own rules, and have a blast doing so!

Having been part of a big blog for a few years, we’re now ready to start something of our own and put our own spin on things.

We love books, all kinds of books. Big, small, smutty, innocent, suspenseful, and funny. Though, we’ll probably talk mostly about romance novels due to our obsession with steamy love stories and perfect book boyfriends, but we won’t restrict ourselves to only one category.

But you might suddenly find us reviewing a thriller, a horror novel, a children’s book, or even a non-fiction one. And since we’re a little crazy (ok maybe a lot crazy), it might occasionally happen that out of the blue someone will review a product, start a book-related discussion, or talk about a movie.

We don’t want to censor ourselves and instead just be who we are. That’s why we haven’t set any types of rules, which we think will make for an exciting and unique blog – with a touch of crazy.

I hope yÔÇÖall will stay a while and enjoy what we are trying to accomplish here. WeÔÇÖre lovable ladies who would love to chat with yÔÇÖall!