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Together We Caught Fire by Eva V. Gibson
Published by Simon & Schuster on February 4th, 2020
Genres: Young Adult, Coming of Age

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


What happens when the boy you want most becomes the one person you can’t have?

Lane Jamison's life is turned upside down the week before her senior year when her father introduces her to his new fiancée: mother of Grey McIntyre, Lane’s secret, longtime crush. Now with Grey living in Lane’s house, there’s only a thin wall separating their rooms, making it harder and harder to deny their growing mutual attraction—an attraction made all the more forbidden by Grey’s long-term girlfriend Sadie Hall, who also happens to be Lane’s friend

Torn between her feelings for Grey and her friendship with Sadie—not to mention her desire to keep the peace at home—Lane befriends Sadie’s older brother, Connor, the black sheep of the strict, evangelical Hall family. Connor, a metal working artist who is all sharp edges, challenges Lane in ways no one else ever has. As the two become closer and start to open up about the traumas in their respective pasts, Lane begins to question her conviction that Connor is just a distraction.

Tensions come to a head after a tragic incident at a party, forcing Lane to untangle her feelings for both boys and face the truth of what—and who—she wants, in this gripping and stunningly romantic debut novel.

A forbidden attraction grows even more complicated when the guy Lane Jamison has crushed on for years suddenly becomes her step-brother in this sexy and gorgeously written debut novel about the lines between love, desire, and obsession


Together We Caught FireTogether We Caught Fire by Eva V. Gibson
My rating: 5++++  of 5 stars

*****5 ++++ Stars #MustReadRecomendation*****

“It wasn’t a kiss so much as an ignition— the sun lost behind the moon, the white-hot melt of flame and silver. It was the world flipped sideways, tilting us into chaos.”

Together We Caught Fire is one of the most wonderfully surprising reads that I’ve experienced in a long while. The writing is EXQUISITE, the characters so perfectly imperfect. With a plot well thought out and executed, Eva Gibson delivers a story that demands your all and left me with a book hangover in the best way.

Elaine “Lane” Jamison is a complex young woman with a guarded heart and tortured soul – and a voice to match. In her senior year of high school, she finds herself a step-sister to the boy she has long crushed on, Greyson. Her feelings, hidden and unrequited, are further confused by their growing connection and his unavailability. The implications would be disastrous, but then a new person enters the equation, forcing Lane to re-examine what she believes about love.

We spend all of the story trying to understand where she’s coming from. I loved and at times dreaded being in Lane’s head. She’s independent, compassionate, rebellious and funny. And also quite a bit lost. We are with her as she turns eighteen and begins to find herself at odds with the mess of her emotions. What she’s always believed is challenged by this beautiful young man, artist Connor Hall. He sees her, truly see’s her, and the connection they share is magical. But Lane doesn’t always make the best choices.

“So sudden, the way our world had turned to flame. So wrong, how I couldn’t help but let us burn.”

I just wanted to reach through the pages and hug her. She’s been grieving for years and even though she’s tried to deal with the trauma she experienced as a child, she’s a very emotional and passionate individual, and we see that she has more healing to do. There are some heartbreaking and scary moments in this story and being in Lane’s head was incredibly hard. I assure you the empath in me felt each and every moment. As the ending neared I was very nervous, but it was sublime and absolutely heartwarming.

I’m so thrilled that Eva Gibson found a publisher and pushed this beautiful story out to the world. I finished the book almost a week ago and it’s still with me. As I began y review and looked back at the highlights I made, I found myself absorbed in the story again and doing a re-read. It’s even better the second time. I encourage EVERYONE to read this story. It’s that wonderful and I’ll be looking out for her next book. 5+++ Stars #MustReadRecommendation.


~Review by Cyndi

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About Eva V. Gibson

Eva V. Gibson grew up on the east coast of Florida. She graduated with degrees in journalism and English, then spent her post-college years immersed in Asheville’s art and music scene. She now lives the small-town life with her family, dividing her spare time between crochet projects, hiking, sporadic yoga practice, and an ever-growing stack of books she will definitely finish reading someday.


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