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by Anne Eliot, Eliot Scott, Ginger Scott
Genres: Romantic Suspense

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


The Wallace Girl

A feud that spans generations. A love doomed from its very beginning.
I fell in love with Alex Sinclair when we were kids. Our love was innocent and it was real. It was also dangerous.

We didn’t know our families were like oil and water, that the Wallaces and the Sinclairs hid dark secrets that involved us. We also didn't understand how deep the poison ran. When I found out the truth—when Alex forced me to leave town—I was devastated. Destroyed. But that was all part of the plan. The Sinclair lust for pain and torture at a Wallace’s expense made it impossible for me to stay…impossible to save Alex.

Mr. Sinclair is dead now, and Alex is the new heir. I’ve been waiting for this. It’s why I’ve come back.

I’ve my got own secrets now, and if Mr. Sinclair’s gone, Alex’s heart and soul are up for grabs.

He and I can end this feud. Because Alex? He’s not one of them. Never has been. He’s mine. He loves me.

I only need to remind him of that.

The Sinclair Heir

Everyone knows when a Sinclair boy loves a Wallace girl people die.

The first time JoJo Wallace smiled, she had my heart. When we kissed, she owned my soul.

And when she gave me her everything, I took it…consuming her when I had no right.

At first, we were just kids falling in love. We didn’t know about the generations-old feud between the Wallaces and the Sinclairs. I also couldn’t imagine Jojo’s destruction had been planned by my father when we were babies. To Father, the feud came first. I was simply bred to participate. My love for Jojo became his weapon, and to keep Jojo alive, I became the perfect son.

I never thought Jojo would come back after Father’s death. Never thought she’d smile at me or kiss me again—or that I’d let her. She’s the last woman I should ever touch. Only Jojo’s relentless. She’s no longer a child that can be frightened away. She’s made me dream again…made me feel. But before this goes too far, I need to get her away from this town and the rest of the Sinclairs who would see her dead.

Why? Because she’s a Wallace and I’m a Sinclair. She’s something I’d kill for, and I’ll hurt her again. It’s what I do. But Jojo Wallace, she’s impossible for me to resist.

The Sinclair Heir is now available! 

The Feud Duet is complete! 

The Feud Series: The Wallace Girl & The Sinclair Heir

A steamy adult romance saga
By Eliot Scott
(Eliot Scott is the writing duo of bestselling authors Anne MacFarlane-Eliot and Ginger Scott)

* The Feud Series is an adult/coming-of-age, enemies-to-lovers romance and contains mature themes not suitable for readers under 18*


The Wallace Girl (Feud, #1)The Wallace Girl and The Sinclair Heir by Eliot Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To start, I don’t usually write a review for a duet as one review. I normally split the review into book one and then book two – separate reviews for each distinct book But because I was lucky enough to have read both books, back to back, I’m taking a new approach. For a few reasons. First off, I initially read a few installments when this was on Raddish – I’m so happy these two wonderful ladies decided to take to a traditional book form. And second, well that fact that this is written by two of my most favorite authors. Great writers and even greater ladies. It’s not hard to imagine why they are besties but even after reading their very different writing styles (IMO). So, the cohesiveness of this story is a true accomplishment. I love the dual point of view, the past and present I think this really lent itself toward showing the character development too. The story flow is seamless.

Now, about that. The Feud series is a coming of age tale that is infused with mystery and a darkness that left me uneasy. From the very opening chapters, I was on high alert. Immediately we are introduced to the young adults that teenagers Jojo Wallace and Alex Sinclair became. There are six years that separate the two time periods, and countless lies between them (including the withholding of information). We are slowly exposed to the “why” and well into The Wallace Girl I maintained a deep dislike of Alex and felt myself feeling fiercely protective of JoJo. It becomes obvious they are meant to be, so what’s behind Alex’s bad behavior? I kept wondering “how could he”?? and the secret that Jojo holds made me even more anxious. This is a family feud after all and her determination to set Alex right puts her in grave danger.

Well into the Sinclair heir, where Jojo and Alex begin to rebuild, they create something very new and electrifying. This is where this becomes a SUPER SCHMEXY (blush) romantic suspense. There are a few really scary moments were things go incredibly wrong, but I held my breath and powered through. Also, this is where we really see Jojos resolve. Her faith in Alex is profound and at times seemingly very misguided. But this is where he gets to prove it out. She is a brave young woman, determined that Alex is not the man he claimed to be. But is he redeemable? I had some doubts. We come to know Alex as a great romantic and once his truth is out, he proceeds to give her the world. But don’t rest too easy, there is a stellar twist to the story. One that had me floored and one that shows the depth of the Sinclair hatred towards the Wallace’s. It’s scary that these two wonderfully nice ladies (Eliot Scott) have such devious minds. All in all, this is a well constructed romantic suspense, coming of age story that will take you on an emotional ride. Exactly what I expect to get in a great read. 5 Stars and recommendation

~Review by Cyndi

Book 1:

This was the perfect YA angst book. They weren’t supposed to fall in love. He wasn’t supposed to feel anything. And yet against all odds, they did fall in love and they both had to play the absolute price stemming from a situation born before they were.

The story has not only a perfect angst level but an emotional rawness that causes you to flinch and wonder if you can read one more chapter. (The answer is yes because you have to find out what happens next!) And thank goodness there wasn’t a huge wait between the two books.

There were at times when I found some of the actions of the elder Sinclair so brutal and nearly unbearable. I ached for this young couples and the burden they’ve carried all these years. This book does a good job of setting up the conclusion of the story in book 2!

Book 2: 

If I thought the angst was going to kill me in the first book, then it’s sufficient to say that the suspense and emotions knocked me flat on my butt in the second book. This is where we dealt with the aftermath of the actions forced upon Alex and the trauma Jojo survived. The twists and turns faced by these two and their resilence is nothing short of legendary. Sadly the spider hasn’t quit weaving his web and poisoning those around him. 

What I admired most about Jojo is that despite her hurts (READ: complete devastation), she proved to be a survivor. NO matter what the Sinclairs did, they couldn’t kill her spirit, even if they tried to kill her. What’s more, she didn’t need saving…she came back to save.

This book delivers the same great writing, intensity, and angst that we know to expect from this incredible author twosome. The tale is a roller coaster ride. Your emotions and anxiety levels may suffer a bit, but it’s totally worthwhile!

~ Review by Loredana 


Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2MVBXRx
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