#5++StarReview ~ Oblivion : comeuppance by Lulu Astor ~ @LuluAstor

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#5++StarReview ~ Oblivion : comeuppance by Lulu Astor ~ @LuluAstor

Oblivion: comeuppance by Lulu Astor
Published by I, Sisyphus Publications on August 7th, 2018
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
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Aja Lawson’s happy life has quickly gone from bad to so much worse. An accident stole her adored young husband away in front of her horrified eyes. Crushing debt propelled her into selling herself right into the arms of a handsome stranger who claims to care but enjoys humiliating her. Now, she’s been taken against her will by a man she’d thought was a friend but who is turning out to be anything but, proving once again that she doesn’t know where to turn or whom to trust.

Swirling in this malignant mist surrounding Aja is the specter of Oblivion, a corporation that exists exclusively for the ultra-wealthy to wreak havoc upon the lives of unwitting people.

Aja is a target of all of these powerful men and she has no idea why. Will she escape with her life?

Oblivion: comeuppance is the exciting second-part conclusion to Oblivion: between black and white lie many shades of gray.

Oblivion: comeuppanceOblivion: comeuppance by Lulu Astor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, I’d like to thank the author for gifting us readers this incredibly conclusion to the Oblivion duet. Lulu Astor delivered a perfect follow-up leaving no lose ends to a very interesting and complex storyline, where multiple voices and a sinister organization threaten the wellbeing, the very life of our heroine Aja.

The end of book 1 left us with the mightiest of all cliffhangers and she does an excellent job of picking up the story where we were left off and immediately building on the tension inherent to the situation. I was very anxious about what could happen as in my experience reading Ms. Astors’ books she doesn’t shy away from the darker things in life. The twists and turns in this story kept me guessing and tt’s not always clear who the villains are here. There are moments I questioned Nicholas’ role in Aja’s life, just how het got there but when we get his voice, well he had earned and thus retained his elevated status with me.

Again, this is stellar conclusion which kept me glued to this story. Very nearly a one sitting read but I did need to take some breaks from the danger and drama. A 5++ star read and my recommendation if you like smart, twisty, somewhat dark romance stories.

~Review by Cyndi


About Lulu Astor

Lulu Astor was born in Brooklyn, NY. and for many years lived in New York City's Tribeca before falling in love, marrying, having two boys and moving across the country. Chicago, Santa Fe, and Los Angeles were all stops in the journey before ending up back in Lower Manhattan and then ultimately in upstate New York.

She's been writing in some form or another since... well, forever. Her love of the printed word has taken her from voracious reader to proofreader, copy editor, and writer of nonfiction, poetry, short fiction, and finally novels. She also teaches writing and literature as an adjunct professor. The only things she loves as much as writing are her husband, two sons, spectacular golden retriever, assorted cats, sisters, and every animal she ever meets.

Astor has written an NA novel series entitled "Complements" ("Complements," "A Force of Nature," and "Between Us") and an erotic romance that began life as a spoof on the Fifty Shades trilogy, titled "Three and a Half Weeks." Most recently, she published her two-book novel "My Heart to Fear" and "But Now I See."

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