#NewRelease ~ Ghostgirl by J.B. Salsbury ~ #5StarReview #MustRead #Giveaway @jbsalsbury

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#NewRelease ~ Ghostgirl by J.B. Salsbury ~ #5StarReview #MustRead #Giveaway @jbsalsburyGhostgirl by J.B. Salsbury
Genres: Young Adult

She was brainwashed into believing she could save mankind.Now, she’s the one who needs saving.

Abandoned with his two younger brothers, Milo Vega was placed in foster care. Now a twenty-year-old high-school senior covered in gang tattoos and working as the school’s janitor, he is living a life vastly different from the one he was destined for.

When another foster joins the family, this one from the psychiatric facility, Milo’s skeptical. A rare genetic condition makes her unlike any girl he’s ever seen, and he wants nothing to do with the one he calls Ghostgirl.
Despite his reluctance, his protective instincts flare when she enrolls in school, and eventually, an unlikely friendship grows between them. When a tragic event snaps her fragile psyche, Milo is faced with the possibility of never seeing her again.

Unless he risks it all to save her.

GhostgirlGhostgirl by J.B. Salsbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My first JB Salsbury read Fighting for Flight was also my first “dark” love story. In my experience she always delivers twist and turns, and her characters have a certain depth so that you feel them, feel what they are going through. Ghostgirl has this effect and is an entirely unique story. It’s a YA “first love” story, but it’s built on characters that are unlike any I’ve read. Mercy and Milo and their plight is heartwarming and their connection sweet and mystical, but there’s much that comes between them. Salsbury is a gifted storyteller provider the audience more than just a read, it’s an experience that left me on edge.

As a twenty year old high school senior fighting his working towards gaining custody of his younger brothers, Milo is a bad boy with good intentions. Told mostly from his perspective, we learn about his life as the son of the leader of a gang who Milo suspects killed his mother. But he is devoted to his brothers and staying away from the gang life is a key motivating factor to keep his head down and stay the course. His life is complicated by the attentions of a high school princess, Carrie, intent on a prom date with Milo and possible being his girlfriend. When the foster family taking care of his brothers brings in a new foster child, Mercy, everything changes. There’s a bit of a mystery as Milo tries to keep Carrie away from his family and himself from the trouble she’s sure to cause.

As Mercy’s story starts to unfold, the story takes on a new tone. We’re left to ponder if Mercy who and what she thinks she is? As an outsider and outcast, her life is complicated by Milo’s interest in her. The more we see the two together, building a friendship inching towards something more, the need to understand her past becomes all consuming. This is a slow-burn love story that takes a turn I didn’t dare imagine. I should have known J.B. Salsbury might throw a curve ball at these two. There’s a bit of a cliffhanger – hinting at a promise of more Milo and Mercy.



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“Ghostgirl is so unbelievably unique. I was captivated through each and every page. I can’t wait for more!” – Harper Sloan, NYT Bestselling Author

“Milo and Mercy took my heart! Such a unique and refreshing story from JB Salsbury! Ghostgirl is now my favorite from her and one of my favorites of all time!”
–Tijan, NYT Bestselling Author

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New York Times bestselling author JB Salsbury spends her days lost in a world of budding romance and impossible obstacles. Her love of good storytelling led her to earn a degree in Media Communications. Since 2013 she has published six bestselling novels in The Fighting Series and won a RONE Award. JB Salsbury lives with her husband and two kids in Phoenix, Arizona.

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