Good Girl by Jana Aston #NewRelease @janaaston

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Good Girl by Jana Aston #NewRelease @janaastonGood Girl by Jana Aston
Published by Rutherford Press on May 13th 2018
Pages: 245

I’ve always been a good girl. I work hard, I follow the rules, and I always achieve my goals.
But sometimes good girls want things that aren’t good for them. Or someone who isn’t good for them. Like their new boss.
And sometimes they do very bad things to get his attention. Like sell their virginity in an auction.
Who knew he’d be so very, very mad?Maybe this was not my best laid plan…

This is my first book from Jana Aston. I’ll admit it – I was drawn in by the cover. Initially I had some mixed feelings about Rhys (love that name!) because he was cold, aloof, and seemed to play games.  Lydia on the other hand was a total hoot. I loved her beautiful blend of intelligent (numbers, order, and policy nerd – yay nerds!) and sexy virgin. One of my favorite lines is “Are you dirty, good girl?” Well, turns out that while Lydia was “innocent” she sure had her dirty side and knew what it would take to finally get the attention of the man who had captivated her (even if she didn’t realize that she already had him). What’s more, Lydia is super spunky and happens to have a penchant for transforming Goodwill sheets.

I’m a sucker for well-placed laughter and some realism in situations; I find that it makes the stories and characters much more relatable. Lucky for all of us, Aston has this in spades in her writing. And her secondary characters – Canon and Payton – they totally deserve their own stories.

I have to give this story a 4 instead of 5 stars just because there were moments that I was a bit uncomfortable, but the quality of writing remained steady. Even though I knew going into the book about the virginity auction, it was a bit of a stumbling block for me. Overall, this book is worth the read.

~Review by Loredana

How is this my first Jana Aston book??? But now that I’ve read something by her, I can hold my head high. This book made me feel so very, very happy. It left me smiling and giggly and I LOVE the epilogue. It’s fun, flirty, and fantastically sexy! Lydia and Rhys, Rhys and Lydia.

Jana Aston writes with a unique voice. Sure there’s lots of romantic comedy out there but Jana has to be considered to be at the top of the heap. Being in Lydia’s head is a joy and “listening” to her babble away left me in stitches. I love the language she uses as it sets such a perfect tone. I was hooked on the characters immediately and felt the buzz of attraction between them and all the goodness of their connection.

Starting with their connection, the story takes off with an impromptu challenge of Lydia when her BFF proclaims she can’t leave the bar without receiving a kiss. Immediately she knows who she’d like to assist in this quest:

“Holy all of everything that is good, why is he so attractive? It almost hurts to look directly at him. I feel all warm and turned on and weird.”

So, Lydia and Rhys meet, kiss, the end. NOT. Fate provides another shot and and this time things are a little different. This is around the time when Lydia finds out that the man in question is indeed a new co-worker of sorts and everything changes. She goes above and beyond to embarrass herself and finds herself in a new situation entirely.

The way she approaches her predicament is nothing less then ingenious. On anyone else it might appear to be inauthentic but with Lydia is all heart. There’s a naivete that makes her utterly endearing. She the kind of character that you wish was real and in your life, providing hours of entertainment and if your nice, some pretty cool PJ’s.

As for Rhys, well that man is sweet and alpha-hot. Rhys’ gets pulled into Lydia’s orbit and try as he might, he can’t stay away from her. 30 days and 500K will not keep him away. Guaranteed. But more so, she intrigues him like no one else ever has and it’s not just her

” I’ve had a lot of sex and I’m certain that not one single woman has ever asked me if we’re about to do the sex.”

She worms her way into his heart and it’s not hard to see why. There’s so much to love about this story. This has just the right amount of angst to keep it lighthearted and the characters – I love them! I tore this book in a day as I just couldn’t leave Lydia and Rhys, not knowing where things were going. To top it off, the epilogue is wonderful (so much so that I mention it twice) 😉

So, now that I’ve babbled on about Jana’s characters as this highly enjoyable reading experience, I must proclaim this as a 5 star #mustread. I think I see a Jana Aston binge reading weekend coming on soon.

~ Review by Cyndi

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