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#NewRelease ~ The People at Number 9  by Felicity Everett  ~ #4StarReview @Ittymay  @Harper360UK @harpercollins360The People at Number 9 by Felicity Everett
Published by HQ on August 8th 2017
Genres: Suspense, Women's Fiction
Pages: 315

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Have you met them yet, the new couple?

When Gav and Lou move into the house next door, Sara spends days plucking up courage to say hello. The neighbours are glamorous, chaotic and just a little eccentric. They make the rest of Sara's street seem dull by comparison.

When the hand of friendship is extended, Sara is delighted and flattered. Incredibly, Gav and Lou seem to see something in Sara and Neil that they admire too. In no time at all, the two couples are soulmates, sharing suppers, bottles of red wine and childcare, laughing and trading stories and secrets late into the night in one another's houses.

And the more time Sara spends with Gav and Lou, the more she longs to make changes in her own life. But those changes will come at a price. Soon Gav and Lou will be asking things they've no right to ask of their neighbours, with shattering consequences for all of them...

Have you met The People at Number 9? A dark and delicious novel about envy, longing and betrayal in the suburbs...

The People at Number 9The People at Number 9 by Felicity Everett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The People at Number 9 is an intriguing story. It’s the first by Felicity Everett that I’ve read and I like this enough that I would be interested in reading other books by her. The setting, a London suburb, comes with all the great British-isms that I find fun, including the bucolic characters who inhabit house number 9 , Sara and Neil.

Sara is the sole narrator and although I like her and Neil well enough, I found their need for the attention of new neighbors Gav and Lou’s a bit irksome. The cool bohemian vibe they exude is a bit off putting, but Sara and Neil get sucked in straight away and my curiosity was piqued. I found Lou and Gav to be pretentious and manipulative and I just couldn’t muster up any trust for them. Sara seems pretty level headed, but quickly shows signs of being shallow. Neil, for his part, is uninterested and goes with the flow, but is not to be underestimated. I found myself jumping to conclusions about just how the friendship between these 4 would develop, and what might be the one thing ( or many things) that might drive a wedge there. To say I was surprised is a bit understated.

This story made me contemplate how proximity and circumstances puts people in our lives. Being friendly with your neighbors is expected, be friends a boon, but being in each others pockets, most assuredly a disaster. I lean towards a 3.5 because the final lines just left me perplexed ( and not in a good way) but I liked the structure of the story. But because I found myself wanting to get back to the story when real life interrupted, I am bumping this to a 4 stars. I may not have loved the characters but I was interested enough to see how things played out.

~Review by Cyndi


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About Felicity Everett

Felicity Everett grew up in Manchester and attended Sussex University. After an early career in children’s publishing and freelance writing, which produced more than twenty-five works of children’s fiction and non-fiction, Felicity’s debut adult novel The Story of Us was published by Random House in 2011. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family.

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