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Wallflowers: Double Trouble by C.P. Smith
Series: Wallflowers #2
Published by C.P. Smith on July 21st, 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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Book #2 in the Wallflower Series. Recommend you read Book #1 to follow story.

“ ’Tis better to never have loved and lost than to live with the regret of your stupidity.” ~ Sienna Miller, Wallflower

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or in this case, Wallflowers to behave. Then again . . .

Sienna Miller spent her whole life being the odd woman out. Shunned and misunderstood by her family, she finally has a chance for a new start thanks to Calla and Poppy, her Wallflower sisters. Now all she needs is a Prince Charming.

Bo Strawn is a cop with a troubled past. He’s stubborn and set in his ways until a certain Wallflower shakes up his life for good. Bo’s finally got a shot at happily ever after. That is, he’s got a shot if he can solve a mystery surrounding the Wallflowers and keep his headstrong woman off the back of a horse.

Rated mature for language and sexual content.

Wallflowers: Double TroubleWallflowers: Double Trouble by C.P. Smith
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

“No more talkin’,” the man shouted, pointing his gun at me. “Out of the car.”
“Why?” I asked, because it was a logical question.
“Because I said so.”
“That’s not good enough,” I retorted. “I do not go home with strange men.”
The man looked confused, and, I’ll admit, a wee bit pissed off by my answer. Maybe this is his first robbery? ”

And thus the shenanigans of the Wallflowers of Savannah commence. In the latest by C.P. Smith, Double Trouble, the focus falls firmly on one Sienna Miller. While this is a romance suspense read, the focus is on the characters. The danger they seem to find themselves in only helps to show who they are, how they handle adversity, and drives the connection with the men in their lives.

Sienna is simply darling. She is endearing in her innocence and garnering my sympathy from the way she is treated by her biological family. Which is really okay, because her girls Calla and Poppy help make up for it.

But the gap can only be closed by one Bo Strawn. It isn’t a matter of if he will get the girl, it’s a matter of when. When will he see what she means to him and when, as the alpha man he is, will he claim her. And you know when it happens it’s gonna be sooo good!

“He was done fighting what he wanted. Done denying what he felt for the woman. He wanted her, and he knew she felt something for him. He’d seen it in her eyes on the beach. It was time to drop the subterfuge that he didn’t want to claim Sienna for his own.”

The story is fast paced and packed to the brim with action, in and out of the bedroom. CP writes some of the very best alpha males and their loves scene are nothing short of scorching. She also creates an suspense story filled with hi-jinx and fun, and through this pays homage to her favorite reads in the genre.

I love the little family the Wallflowers are creating. It’s a sisterhood that is tested only by their deep appreciation of each other, at least so far. At the end of the story, once the girls and the men survive a stay at a dude ranch, we are left with a pretty big bomb. It’s going to be interesting to see this play out with Poppy’s story and the next chapter of the Wallflowers’ “One Heart Remains”. Double Trouble is yet another great read from C.P. Smith!

~Review by Cyndi

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CP Smith writes Romance with a Twist. She believes books should be about escape rather than reality. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and five children.


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