#BlogTour ~ This Piece of My Soul, Tampa Suns Hockey (Clearing the Ice #2) by Robyn M. Ryan ~ #5++StarReview #Excerpt #Giveaway @RobynMRyan @TastyBookTours

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#BlogTour ~ This Piece of My Soul, Tampa Suns Hockey (Clearing the Ice #2) by Robyn M. Ryan ~ #5++StarReview #Excerpt #Giveaway @RobynMRyan @TastyBookTours

#BlogTour ~ This Piece of My Soul, Tampa Suns Hockey (Clearing the Ice #2) by Robyn M. Ryan ~ #5++StarReview #Excerpt #Giveaway @RobynMRyan @TastyBookToursThis Piece of My Soul, Tampa Suns Hockey by Robyn M. Ryan
Series: Clearing the Ice, #2
Published by L. J. Burdett on January 24th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 300

They believe love conquers all.

One of pro-hockeyÔÇÖs golden couples, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick live in the limelight reserved for elite professional athletes. On their second anniversary, Andrew receives an unexpected contract offer to join the Tampa Suns. As they look forward to a new adventure, neither foresees an event that challenges their love and threatens their marriage.

Until it doesnÔÇÖt.

A sudden and senseless accident threatens AndrewÔÇÖs life and inexplicably drives a wedge between the couple. Shattered by the incident, paralyzed by fear that it could happen again, Caryn finds herself at odds with her husband and unable to provide the support he needsÔÇöat the time he is most vulnerable.

As their perfect world crumbles, each makes choices that take Andrew and Caryn further apart. Distrust, fears, and secrets construct walls. This Piece of My Soul follows the joint and separate paths the couple navigate as each hopes to rediscover the love that can conquer all.

**Although This Piece of My Soul is the second book in the Clearing the Ice Series, it can be read as a standalone novel.**

This Piece of My Soul, Tampa Suns Hockey (Clearing the Ice, #2)This Piece of My Soul, Tampa Suns Hockey by Robyn M. Ryan
My rating: 5++ of 5 stars

Robyn Ryan won my admiration in This Piece Of My Heart. I loved her writing from the go. Everything in the story line spoke to me and the sweet and slow (and the low drama) romance of Caryn and Andrew made me so happy. In This Piece Of My Soul, I felt like mine (heart and soul) had been left in tatters. Ryan constructs a story where two people, firmly in love and in their newlywed stage of their marriage, are tested to extremes. My emotions certainly ran the gamut, from happiness to deep sorrow, fear and eventually some hope. The story line is well paced and takes place during Andrews initial season on the Tampa Suns. Boy oh boy is it a rough first season! Andrews falls in line with his new team which requires a new approach at playing the game. This will lead to an event that shatters their world.

Andrew has one of those ultra sweet and considerate natures. He’s a character that is so easy to rally behind. But Andrew can be a bit short sighted and this made me crazy. My pulse speeds up just thinking about how this couple is tested and how hard the situation is. As for Caryn, she’s left haunted and her reactions are so realistic. My heart broke for her time and again as she faces a very uncertain future. It all kinda of piles on her and she had my sympathy through the entire story.

Andrew well, not so much. I get him but his naivete and the ease to which he discounts Caryn’s fears and more, well he lost of bit of my allegiance. The secondary characters play a big part of Andrews recovery but his “team” contains one of the character that creates a rift and a deep burden on Andrews and Caryns relationship. I may have gritted out a few expletives about this character. I found myself experiencing a visceral reaction to Andrews behavior and Caryns’ despair. As I tried calming myself, I realized just how invested in this couple I am. Lest I forget about Tom, Andrews brother. He remains a loyal friend and support system for both and I find myself hoping that he gets his very own story.

Ryan creates a story full of ups and downs that feel exactly right. When this part of their story came to the end I started scrambling to find out more about the next book. Whenever it’s schedule to release is simply not soon enough for me. This Piece Of My Soul is a 5++ Star read and a #MostAnticipated #MustRead for 2017. Sometimes a couple just grabs you and the Chadwicks’ did just that.

~Review by Cyndi


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Andrew gathered Caryn close to his side when they stepped inside the elevator and pressed the button to his floor. Caryn squeezed his hand during the brief ride. Once inside his room, he sank gratefully onto a chair and absently rubbed the back of his head.

ÔÇ£Can I get you anything? Are you allowed an evening beer?ÔÇØ Caryn offered.

ÔÇ£Did Tom bring any wine over?ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£I think so.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£Good, why donÔÇÖt you get a bottle and a glass? We can share and stay within doctorÔÇÖs orders.ÔÇØ

He watched as Caryn retrieved a bottle from the small refrigerator and opened the drawer looking for a corkscrew. She looked over her shoulder to flash a smile. ÔÇ£Sorry, no wine glasses.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£No problem.ÔÇØ He couldnÔÇÖt take his eyes off her. Even in shorts and a slightly sweaty Suns T-shirt, she sparked a familiar fire in his body. His hands itched to free the golden hair from its low ponytail and run his fingers though it. Her familiar citrus scent stirred intense memories of showers theyÔÇÖd shared and he longed to skim his lips across her skin. She leaned to brush her lips against his before she perched on the arm of his chair. Her sparkling amber eyes issued an invitation that matched his thoughts as she handed him the bottle and corkscrew.

ÔÇ£DonÔÇÖt want to risk it?ÔÇØ he teased.

ÔÇ£Only have the one bottle. YouÔÇÖre the expert.ÔÇØ

He opened the bottle and poured a small amount of wine into the glass she held. Putting his arm around her, his eyes held hers captive. ÔÇ£To our love.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£Our love,ÔÇØ Caryn whispered, her voice suddenly choked. She sipped the wine, her eyes never leaving AndrewÔÇÖs, then handed the glass to him. He set it, the wine bottle and corkscrew on the table, and then he closed his arms around her, drawing her onto his lap as his lips sought hers.

ÔÇ£Cary, I love you so much.ÔÇØ The rising tide of emotion swept them into a sea where wave after wave of love and desire crashed over them. After an eternity, Andrew pulled back slightly, smiling softly when he saw CarynÔÇÖs flushed cheeks. She reached to tenderly stroke the hair on the side of his head.

ÔÇ£I love you, Drew. More than youÔÇÖll ever know.ÔÇØ Her voice was a hoarse whisper. She shook her head as her eyes filled with tears. ÔÇ£I was so afraid IÔÇÖd lose you.ÔÇØ

He caught her hand and pressed her palm against his lips. ÔÇ£Never.ÔÇØ As his fingers played with the edge of her T-shirt, CarynÔÇÖs hands gripped his shoulders tightly. He captured her gasp of pleasure with his mouth, and closed his mind to everything except the onrushing waves of desire that continued to crash around them. She murmured a protest when he pulled back slightly, but Andrew didnÔÇÖt speak. He caught her eyes, almost dark brown with desire and nodded his head toward the bedroom. Caryn smiled in understanding as she stepped from his lap and held out her hand.

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About Robyn M. Ryan

By the time she was an eight-year-old tomboy growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Robyn M Ryan definitely knew what she wanted to do when she grew up to play major league baseball or write.

Her love of writing grew throughout grade school and high school, first composing novels based on favorite television shows and favorite musicians. These stories passed among friends and then landed in a trunk. Attending the University of Georgia's journalism school launched a career in public relations. An internship with Atlanta's first-ever professional hockey team, the Flames, reignited the love of hockey.

Robyn wrote books that she and her friends wanted to read. These novels languished while she pursued a career in public relations, resurfacing every so often when a new idea nudged her muse. Life changes eased time constraints, and with the encouragement of a writers group formed on Twitter: WritersThatChat, she published her first novel in May 2016. The first in the Clearing the Ice hockey series This Piece of My Heart was nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Books awards. This Piece of My Soul, book two in the series continues the storyline and introduces the Tampa Suns hockey team and was published January 2017. Besides writing, her passions include following NASCAR and the New York Rangers, and splitting time between homes in Atlanta and Palm Coast, with two brilliant Westies who manage both homes.


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