#BlogTour ~ Lucian Devine by Renee Carlino ~ #5StarReview #Excerpt @renayz @InkSlingerPR

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#BlogTour ~ Lucian Devine  by Renee Carlino ~ #5StarReview #Excerpt @renayz @InkSlingerPR

Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino
on January 9th, 2017
Genres: Romance, Romantic Comedy

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Ren├®e Carlino, comes a totally unique love story that is sure to make you question whatÔÇÖs out there . . . or who.

ÔÇ£My guardian angel is a drunk.ÔÇØ

Evelyn Casey's life is at a standstill. She's in her mid-twenties, struggling with the dating scene in San Francisco. Nothing seems to be working out, and sheÔÇÖs starting to think that sheÔÇÖll live out her days in her crummy apartment with her overbearing roommate, Brooklyn. It's absurd, but sometimes Evey longs for a guardian angel to show up and save the day.

And then he does. Seriously. His name is Lucian and he's a guardian angel, been on the job for two thousand years. His sudden presence in her life is both goodÔÇöhe's brilliant, witty, and warmÔÇöand badÔÇöhe's brilliant, witty, warm, and hot as ----. But as perfect as Lucian seems, heÔÇÖs got problems of his own. HeÔÇÖs taken up drinking and heÔÇÖs brazenly inserted himself into EveyÔÇÖs life, going against the greatest cosmic law ever created.

For Evey, the rules are simple: You are not allowed to hook up with your guardian angel. But sometimes fulfilling your destiny requires a leap of faith, a confrontation with God.

Yes, God as in God

Lucian DivineLucian Divine by Renee Carlino
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book, this book…lordy how I love this book! Renee Carlino manages, yet again, to surprise me. As a fan whose read everything of hers, the surprise was purely in the plot and the fantastical nature of the story. It’s just different from her other books and I absolutely loved it just as much. Lucian Divine is a story about a guardian angel (who is less then angelic) and his human, Evelyn (Evey) Casey. The story is light by the nature of the plot, but it’s also complicated by it. The problem that needs to be solved is if and how these two worlds could be made into one and true to Carlino’s writing this is sweet & romantic and makes for an amazing read.

This is a story that made me giggle, guffaw, and maybe swear ( just a a bit), but in general it’s relatively low on drama. There’s conflict (an angel and human simply can’t be together) and when Lucian shows himself to Evey, to the world, he’s taking a lot of chances. It’s simply not done. Until it is.

Lucian is charming, mischievous & sentimental. He’s been there for mostly everything in Evey’s life and as she’s aged, he realizes he’s simply in love with her. What’s a guardian angel to do? With Evey we get a gentle soul. She’s searching for something, but she’s not entirely sure what that is. ┬áShe’s complex but of all of Carlino’s heroines, she’s probably the least emotionally complicated and the most endearing. You’ll worry for the characters, worry that Lucian doesn’t know what he’s doing, worry that Evey will be left with a broken heart and forever damaged. But Carlino does a great job making the story work with and for the characters.

In the intro Carlino mentions writing her stories like a movie. That’s exactly how I feel when reading her books; I can see everything, the camera panning out while Lucian flies over Golden gate Bridge, I can feel Eve’s dismay as Lucian battles fate, feel his anger at the injustice of the situation. She manages to mix a light hearted romantic comedy with poignant musings on what love is and isn’t in a simple message : “whatever faith you believe in, true love is realÔǪ and it endures.” With Lucian Divine love persists in a charming story with a passion filled hero and an endearing heroine. 5 Stars and Recommendation!

~Review by Cyndi


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About Renee Carlino

Ren├®e Carlino is a screenwriter and bestselling author of contemporary women's novels and new adult fiction. Her books have been featured in national publications, including USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Latina magazine, and Publisher's Weekly. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their sweet dog June. When she's not at the beach with her boys or working on her next project, she likes to spend her time reading, going to concerts, and eating dark chocolate.


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