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Downed (Gridiron, #3) by Jen Frederick
Genres: Contemporary Romance

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Hes the guy no one likes
Despite winning two national championships, JR ÔÇ£AceÔÇØ Anderson was sent packing from his old school after losing the trust of his coach. At Southern U, he has a second chance to prove that his college legacy isnÔÇÖt endless debauchery and selfishness. But his reputation precedes him, and his teammates offer a chilly welcome in the locker room. The one person who is willing to accept him is the very woman he should stay away fromÔÇöhis new coachÔÇÖs daughter.
Shes the girl everyone loves
Bryant JohnsonÔÇÖs only goal in life is to make others happy, even at her own expense. One look at her fatherÔÇÖs new star quarterback, and she knows that Ace is her next project. With a reputation for being a ÔÇ£jerk whispererÔÇØ, Bryant has spent her last three years at college reforming sorry behavior and turning bad boys into the best boyfriends ever. In Ace, though, sheÔÇÖs met with surly resistance and a sizzling attraction she doesnÔÇÖt expect. Fixing this wounded warrior will be her biggest challenge yet. Not falling for him will be even harder.
Between her big heart and his damaged one, a battle is ensuing. In this game of love, every defense will crumble.


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Jen Frederick pulled off a miracle! She managed to make me not only feel sorry for Ace, but to actually warm up to him. Okay, in the end I really liked him which is a testament to Fredericks storytelling. I absolutely Dace2ETESTED him in Jockblocked (OUAPblog review) and never ever thought I’d see any redeeming qualities in him. I figured reading Downed would and trying to like him would was a good challenge. But in the end, it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

First, he does see the error of his ways and the genuine regret he feels was enough to sway me. Plus, Frederick puts Ace in a situation where he is able to turn regret into action and works to become a better man. He just needs a catalyst and Bryant Johnson is just that. Southern girl and a football coach’s daughter, Bryant loves a ace6good project. She see’s right through Ace and decides he’s this years’ candidate. Sure, this is a way to distract herself from her own fear of heartache but she becomes more attached to Ace then she ever anticipates. Frederick gives Bryant a voice that was fun to read – she uses all the right language and colloquialisms to capture the south and the culture of college football. Additionally, the life of the sorority sisterhood was portrayed exactly as I picture it and I enjoy the affirmation 🙂

What’s lovely about this story is the way Ace and Bryant transform each other. They seem to have that certain something that makes them challenge each other but with always good intentions. There’s a sexual charge between them that both hot and sweet. There’s much to love about the way the story unfolds, the many characters that help Bryan and Ace find their way.ace7

It appears Frederick has a book 4 in the Gridiron series planned and I’m excited to see if she picks a player at Southern and just who that will be. I think the book covers for this series are some of the sexiest and I’m already looking forward to that cover reveal. 4 stars for Downed and my recommendation!


About Jen Frederick

Jen Frederick is the USA Today bestselling author of Unspoken, part of the Woodlands series, and Sacked, part of the Gridiron series. She is also the author of the Charlotte Chronicles and has had several books on the Kindle Top 100 list. She lives in the Midwest with a husband who keeps track of lifeÔÇÖs details while sheÔÇÖs writing, a daughter who understands when Mom disappears into her office for hours at a time, and a rambunctious dog who does neither.


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