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#ReleaseBlitz ~ Someone Like You (Oxford #3) by Lauren Layne ~ #5++StarReview #MustRead #2016Favorite #Giveaway #Excerpt @_LaurenLayne @TastyBookTours

#ReleaseBlitz ~ Someone Like You (Oxford #3) by Lauren Layne ~ #5++StarReview #MustRead #2016Favorite #Giveaway #Excerpt @_LaurenLayne @TastyBookToursSomeone like You by Lauren Layne
Series: Oxford #3
Published by Loveswept on December 6th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 228
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Lauren LayneÔÇÖs bestselling Oxford Series continues with the poignant, heartwarming story of New YorkÔÇÖs most eligible bachelor, Lincoln Mathis, a man whoÔÇÖs living a lieÔÇöuntil his dream woman takes away the pain.

Lincoln Mathis doesnÔÇÖt hide his reputation as ManhattanÔÇÖs ultimate playboy. In fact, he cultivates it. But behind every flirtatious smile, each provocative quip, thereÔÇÖs a secret that LincolnÔÇÖs hiding from even his closest friendsÔÇöa tragedy from his past that holds his heart quietly captive. Lincoln knows what he wants: someone like Daisy Sinclair, the sassy, off-limits bridesmaid he canÔÇÖt take his eyes off at his best friendÔÇÖs wedding. He also knows that sheÔÇÖs everything he can never have.

After a devastating divorce, Daisy doesnÔÇÖt need anyone to warn her off the charming best man at her sisterÔÇÖs wedding. One look at the breathtakingly hot Lincoln Mathis and she knows that heÔÇÖs exactly the type of man she should avoid. But when Daisy stumbles upon LincolnÔÇÖs secret, she realizes thereÔÇÖs more to the charming playboy than meets the eye. And suddenly Daisy and Lincoln find their lives helplessly entwined in a journey that will either heal their damaged souls . . . or destroy them forever.

Someone like You (Oxford, #3)Someone like You by Lauren Layne
My rating: 5++ of 5 stars

2016 is the year that Lauren Layne became of of my favorite authors. To be fair, 2016 is when I read my first Lauren Layne book. There’s something really magical about finding a new favorite author and to know there’s a backlog of books for me to still read. But this year, as I started and finished each book, I recognized just how solid her writing is and that I fell in love with every single character. What’s more, her stories are about second chances and/or unrequited love, my favorite tropes in romance reads. I’m going to confess that Someone Like You is my favorite so far but I’ll probably say that with my next LL book.

When the story opens, Daisy and Lincoln find themselves hanging out at her twin sister Emma’s wedding. This is no wedding hook up though. Someone Like You is about two people who have had their hearts broken and have managed to mask the pain and to present a “face” to the world. They see this similarity in each other and start a beautiful friendship (Ahh yes, the friends to lovers story is also one of my favorites and Layne excels at this one too).

Daisy is perhaps one of the most genuine and transparent woman that Lincoln has ever met. They have an immediate connection but it’s not one charged with sexuality. They are kindred spirits and find themselves opening up to each other rather quickly. There’s an instinctive sense of trust between them and we quickly learn that Lincoln isn’t at all who he leads others to believe he is. This he gives to Daisy, a truth that none of his coworkers and friends know about. Lincoln’s heartache puts him out of reach and unable to have a future that involves falling in love. He’s truly stuck and it’s completely heartbreaking.

Their friendship becomes critical to each of them which means there’s a risk. Lincoln believes it must be maintained as a friendship ONLY ubt they can no longer ignore the spark between them and somethings gotta give. With this, Lincoln develops self-reproach with the fallout is utterly devastating. Daisy is one of the most compassionate and level headed people that he knows but she also feels things deeply and Lincoln, well he’s not always smart about what he says and does. It chokes me up just thinking about just how stuck in the past he is and what is jeopardized because if this – everything they have built with each other is put to a test that is of Lincolns making and he does this more than once. I’d be angry if I didn’t feel so sad for him and I think it’s a feeling most readers will share.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Just re-reading portions of the story to write my review left me in tears and if I didn’t have such a backlog of other Lauren Layne books to read I would probably re-read this now. Oh heck, I might end up doing just that. Every highlight made has left me teary eyed. Even so, Someone Like You is such an inspiring read about love and loss and forgiveness. I don’t mean to make it sound overwhelming sad because the development of their friendship is sweet, funny and sexy. It’s simply an emotionally charged story where the HEA is greatly challenged by unique circumstances. I recommend this as a #MustRead and #2016Favorite! 5 ++ Stars!
~Review by Cyndi

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Advance praise for Someone Like You

ÔÇ£Fun and flirty, sassy and steamy, with a deep emotional pull that will keep you turning the pages.ÔÇØÔÇöKelly Jamieson, author of┬áTop Shelf

ÔÇ£An unsung hero with a story that touched my heart. Emotional and gripping. A top favorite of 2016 for me.ÔÇØÔÇöNew York Times┬ábestselling author Melanie Moreland┬á

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Lincoln watched as Daisy hesitated just inside the doorway, unnoticed yet by the rest of the bridal party and out-of-town guests.

Making people comfortable was a particular skill of his. Normally heÔÇÖd be over there in a heartbeat with a glass of wine and some of his best banter until her shoulders relaxed and heÔÇÖd coaxed a smile from her pretty face.

But he wasnÔÇÖt entirely convinced Emma wouldnÔÇÖt make good on her castration threats, so instead Lincoln merely studied Daisy. The woman was beautiful. No surprise there, since Emma was gorgeous. Yet, though their features were identical, they were attractive in entirely different ways.

Emma was all polished confidence, stunning in an untouchable sort of way.

Daisy was softer somehow. Gentler. She seemed . . . touchable.

LincolnÔÇÖs cocktail froze on its way to his mouth as the forbidden rocked him back on his heels. Daisy Sinclair was not for him to touch for reasons that had nothing to do with EmmaÔÇÖs threats.

As though sensing a manÔÇÖs brooding thoughts on her, Daisy turned slightly, her eyes locking on his. Eyes that heÔÇÖd known would be dark brown like EmmaÔÇÖs, and yet eye contact with Emma had never felt like this.

Lincoln felt something akin to panic, because for a heart-stopping moment, it felt like Daisy Sinclair was seeing him. Not seeing the Lincoln he wanted everyone to see.

The real him.

He gave himself a little mental shake. Get it together, Mathis. The woman doesnÔÇÖt even know you.

None of them did.

Not really.

He saw the moment of answering shock in her own gaze, sensed that for a split second, she considered turning and running. From him, from the party, all of it.

Then he saw something else. Something familiar, because heÔÇÖd done it a thousand times himself. She squared her shoulders, and he watched as a mask slid into place.

He knew even before she approached that Daisy was exactly like himÔÇögood at being around people only because she chose to be. Knew that perhaps once it had been second nature, and now it was nothing but a deliberate attempt to make sure everyone thought she was okay.

Daisy began making her way toward him, and he tensed for reasons he couldnÔÇÖt identify before ordering himself to chill out.

It was just his friendÔÇÖs sister. The maid of honor to his best man.

She stopped in front of him, and he caught just the faintest whiff of her perfume, a surprisingly elegant scent for someone named Daisy, before she extended her hand.

ÔÇ£You must be Lincoln Mathis, The Manwhore of Whom I Should Beware?ÔÇØ

Her voice was a surprise. It had the same low huskiness as her sisterÔÇÖs, but years in New York had all but erased the Southern from EmmaÔÇÖs whiskey-raspy voice. DaisyÔÇÖs drawl was very much intactÔÇöa mint julep on a hot day.

He grinned and took her smaller hand in his. ÔÇ£Which would make you Daisy Sinclair, Delicate Flower to Whom IÔÇÖm Not to Speak.ÔÇØ

She grinned. ÔÇ£Nailed it.ÔÇØ


About Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne is the USA Today Bestselling author of more than a dozen contemporary romance novels.
Prior to becoming an author, Lauren worked in e-commerce and web-marketing. A year after moving from Seattle to NYC to pursue a writing career, she had a fabulous agent and multiple New York publishing deals.

Lauren currently lives in Manhattan with her husband and plus-sized Pomeranian. When not writing, you'll likely find her running (rarely), reading (sometimes), or at happy hour (often).


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