#BlogTour ~ Tiny Threads ( Snapdragon #1) by Jami Denise ~ #4StarReview @JamiDeniseO @EJBookPromos

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#BlogTour ~ Tiny Threads ( Snapdragon #1) by Jami Denise ~ #4StarReview @JamiDeniseO @EJBookPromos

#BlogTour ~ Tiny Threads ( Snapdragon #1) by Jami Denise ~ #4StarReview @JamiDeniseO @EJBookPromosTiny Threads (Snapdragon #1) by Jami Denise
Series: Snapdragon #1
Published by Enchanted Publications on November 15th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 136
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Jenna always thought her marriage was what fairy tales were made of. That was until the heels on her glass slippers snapped and left her tumbling down to reality.

But knights in shining armor tend to tarnish after twenty years, and sheÔÇÖs far from the wide-eyed princess sheÔÇÖd once been. Four kids, money problems and a crumbling marriage tend to wipe away all the shiny and bright and bring on the reality of broken dreams.

Royal Grainger knows heÔÇÖs a lucky manÔÇöin theory. His wife is caring and beautiful, he has four amazing kids and his own business, and yet, heÔÇÖs miserable. HeÔÇÖs detached, tired, and dissatisfied. No matter what he does, itÔÇÖs not enoughÔÇöfor anyone.

The GraingerÔÇÖs know theyÔÇÖre treading in the deep end, and they have to work together to push through the pain, the hurt, and the monotony of a long stale marriage to reconnect again. A marriage once full of passion and consideration, becomes one full of bitterness and resentment.
The past comes back to haunt them in a way they never imagined and their happily ever after becomes a battle.

Whatever it takes.

The stakes are too high to let go, and for each other, theyÔÇÖll walk through fire.

Tiny Threads (Snapdragon #1)Tiny Threads by Jami Denise
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I spent the entirety of this reading experience tied up in knots. This is a story about a marriage in deep trouble and one partners’ attempts and frustrations trying to work through their problems. I haven’t read any other books by Jami Denise, but based on the descriptions I’ve seen Tiny Threads is a departure from her more erotic story lines.

When the story opens we are immediately launched into “typical day” scene of the Grainger family. Told from the first person POV of Jenna, there’s no way to not be tapped into her emotions. I don’t always love this “voice” (first person narrative) but Jami Denise makes it work by balancing Jenna’s inner turmoil with interactions and dialogue that builds up the plot. I do love the rawness of Jenna’s thoughts. At times they can be mundane, but isn’t that life? At other times they are poetic:

“We were rebuilding a broken palace, a life we’d demolished into soot and rubble. We’d destroyed everything we stood for, everything we believed in, and everything we loved.”

This story line is charged with the frustration. There’s not one specific issue that plagues this couple. Day to day life has dulled the passion between them and they are not the friends that they once were. Jenna wants nothing more than to reconnect to Royal, to feel that love he rarely claims he feels, but she is certain is still there. I however wanted to see her toss Royal out the house. He’s completely insensitive of her feelings, to the point of being disrespectful. This marriage hits impasse after impasse and Jenna finally gets him to agree to a few steps to help themselves. But Royal is too closed off, too defensive and he constantly thinks Jenna is over reacting. So while he continues to disregard Jenna’s feelings, he rightly finds himself on the cusp of losing his stronghold, his family. I had very little sympathy for him as he turns uncomfortable feelings around to make them Jenna’s problem, not his.

At times this is a hard read as its heartbreaking to see mistake after mistake being made. If this were anything like my life, I’d be terrified. Thankfully there’s almost nothing that I have experienced, but I could sympathize with the situation. We’ve all experienced watching friends marriages fall apart and seen bits and pieces similar to what the Grainger family experiences. Jami Denise holds nothing back as she examines the stresses of modern marriage in a bucolic community. I wanted so much for this couple to see past their grievances; for Royal to wise up and for Jenna to find that young bad boy she was so in love with at 16. ┬áSometimes wishes do come true – you just have to be willing to work for it. ┬á4 Stars and recommendation!┬á4 Stars and recommendation!

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About Jami Denise

Jami Denise is an up and coming writer from Southern California.
She writes Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Erotic Romance.

Her books are always on the spicy side with a little bit of sweet to make you swoon. Her feisty kittens always give the bad boys a run for their money. She likes taking risks, pushing her characters into directions that challenge the reader and take them out of their element. You'll usually find the unexpected to happen in her stories. Life isn't always pretty, and she likes to layer her words with true grit.

She is a self-professed cat lady, addicted to coffee and Monster, cupcake lip balm, and loves all things old,grungy,and fast. She's well versed in sarcasm, and the F-word is her favorite adjective.

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