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Torrid Affair by Callie Anderson #BlogTour #4StarReview #Giveaway @AuthorCallieA  @sassysavvyfab

Torrid Affair by Callie Anderson
on September 13th, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance

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IÔÇÖm fucked.

The life I have lived for the past ten years is built solely on lies and secrets.

But I canÔÇÖt help myself.

IÔÇÖm in love with two different men. And one of them is my brother-in-law.

HeÔÇÖs my drug. My fire. My addiction.

But heÔÇÖs married to my best friend. And IÔÇÖm married to my husband.

IÔÇÖm not ashamed. I have no guilt.


IÔÇÖm not fucked. IÔÇÖm a fucked up person.

This is the story of how I ruined my life.

And the life of the one I loved most

Torrid AffairTorrid Affair by Callie Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Callie Anderson seems to always hit her “writers goal” with me. She writes stories that evoke emotions, both good & bad and at various intensity levels. These are just the kind of books I LOVE to read. The ones that hurt so good. Torrid Affair is almost exactly that. At times I wanted to reach into the story and knock some sense into our main characters, Brielle and Nate. And other times, I felt for their plight. I mostly struggled with how they got where they ended up.

So much heartache could have been avoided if these two had any real chutzpah. But I’ll give it to Callie, she makes these two just sympathetic enough that I found myself rooting for their happiness. For the most part. The story starts with a college setting, when Brielle and Nate meet on the first day of class. Their connection is immediate but they begin their relationship with someone in between them. They agree to be “friends only” and over a few months the circumstances changes & the future opens to new possibilities. But as it is in life, more change comes and hard choices must be made. So here┬áis where everything goes sideways.

I went into the story KNOWING my nerves would be tested, pulled at, frayed and broken. Brielle was just the girl to do it. She’s a character that you want to feel for. She doesn’t do anything that is necessarily bad, she’s ended up in a situation that sucks a$$. But Brielle makes some questionable decisions, driving a plot twist that didn’t sit right with me. From here on out she’s simply a young woman who makes bad choices, repeatedly. She’s up and down and back and forth. I wanted her to be happy, but it just seems she gets in her in own way far too many times. As for Nate, well he’s a bit of a patsy and I’m not sure what he thought his “sacrifice” was really for. This is just one of those times where a characters motives didn’t make sense to me and I had a hard time rationalizing liking him. In the long run it seems like his choice was the most damaging of all.

For me, their love/attraction and acting on it wasn’t┬áa bad thing because neither Delaney┬áor Julian are likable. I had absolutely ZERO tolerance for either of them. Delaney is manipulative and Julian is just there (throughout┬áthe college years), and then he is, well, a really bad husband.┬á┬áBecause they are unsympathetic to me and neither had any redeeming qualities, I┬ácompletely accepted Nate and Brielle together and rooted for them.┬á Usually stories surrounding cheating are black and white, but Callie made this one of those times where everything was gray, even from the beginning and it didn’t put me off and in fact, it won me over.

Hats off to Callie Anderson for another stellar read. 4 Stars and recommendation.


~Review by Cyndi

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