Last Kiss of Summer (Destiny Bay #1) by Marina Adair #BlogTour #5StarReview #Excerpt #Giveaway

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Last Kiss of Summer (Destiny Bay #1) by Marina Adair #BlogTour #5StarReview #Excerpt #Giveaway

Last Kiss of Summer (Destiny Bay #1) by Marina Adair #BlogTour #5StarReview #Excerpt #GiveawayLast Kiss of Summer (Destiny Bay, #1) by Marina Adair
Series: Destiny Bay #1
Published by Forever on August 30th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 336
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He's one bad apple she just can't resist . . .

Kennedy Sinclair never dreamed she'd own a pie shop and an orchard in a small town like Destiny Bay. But nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it's the perfect place to cross something off her "Life's short so eat the icing first" list and start her life over from scratch. Her shop, Sweetie Pies, is famous for its hot, flaky apple turnovers and sinfully delicious deep dish pie. For Kennedy though, nothing is more enticing than the tall, strapping slice of temptation who keeps coming back for more.

Luke Callahan is determined to make his hard cider business a success. With his beloved father's cider recipe and the opportunity of a lifetime in his grasp, he'll stop at nothing to get this deal done. There's just one catch: he needs Kennedy's apples. At first, he thinks it'll be as easy as pie to charm those apples right off her trees. But Kennedy isn't falling for his tender charms or his wicked ways. When the negotiations start heating up, so do the feelings they have for each other. And it takes just one kiss to seal the deal . . .

Last Kiss of Summer (Destiny Bay, #1)Last Kiss of Summer by Marina Adair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How is the Last Kiss of Summer my first read by Marina Adair? IÔÇÖm so happy it’s a mistake that’s been rectified. Last Kiss of Summer is one of my favorite types of reads. One that left me feeling that warm blush of love and hope. In it Adair provides all the angsty emotion that I love, a bit of hurt feelings and lack of communications, with a sweet and rewarding path to absolution. But more importantly, it’s a story one where two awesome characters work towards their happy forever after. This was one of those reads that I wasnÔÇÖt able to finish in one sitting ( due to real life getting in the way) and where I felt giddy just anticipating when I could get back to it. There are so many reasons whyÔǪ

IÔÇÖll start with the fact that I LOVE Luke Callahan. When it comes to sweet, sexy and considerate leading men heÔÇÖs among the top. The man simply made me weak kneed with his gallant charm and easygoing nature. But thatÔÇÖs not to say he doesn’t pull some idiot moves and put our heroine, Kennedy, in some distress. The story line sets up a contention between these two that unfolds at a perfect pace and is most definitely what called to me. But itÔÇÖs Adairs ability to capture the essence of her characters that made me LOVE this book.

LukeÔÇÖs strengths are also his weaknesses. HeÔÇÖs hardworking and loyal and really has a heart of gold. What motivates him is family and when Kennedy moves to Destiny Bay, sheÔÇÖs clearly on n the outside. She also holds what Luke wants and he sets out to annoyingly charm it out of her. But he canÔÇÖt deny his attraction to her which creates an unusual emotion for Luke. If he gets what he thinks he wants, heÔÇÖll end up on the losing end. Much of story is of Luke cycling through his emotions for Kennedy and the conflict he creates.

Kennedy is one of those heroines that I couldnÔÇÖt want to see happy soon enough. She has just enough sass and self-respect to take the necessary risks in order to change her situation; one that led her Destiny Bay and the owner of the sweetest little pie shop. But at times my heart bled for Kennedy. SheÔÇÖs been let down and thereÔÇÖs this niggling little thought that sheÔÇÖs not loveable and with her history, one that Adair paints so perfectly, that itÔÇÖs easy to see why. While she wonders if sheÔÇÖs unworthy she doesnÔÇÖt wallow in pity and sheÔÇÖs not a push-over. I love that Adair gives Kennedy a backbone. Luke may be an exception, he may come through for her, and Destiny Bay may in fact be her destiny, but there will very likely be some additional heartache along the way.

ÔÇ£Luke had a way about him, a quiet confidence that set people at ease. Allowed them to hand over their problems and worry without hesitation. SheÔÇÖd seen it before around town, with his family. Now that she was experiencing it firsthand, that same fierce capability directed at her, she wanted to let her worries go.ÔÇØ

Luke and Kennedy have a steamy chemistry making this one sexy read. The tension between them is palpable so when the flirting heats up youÔÇÖll feel it. Luke will simply make you swoon:

ÔÇ£The man knew how to pull off the morning after with as much swagger as the night before.ÔÇØ

I have so many highlights I want to share, but I think this book is just one every romance reader should consider. If you havenÔÇÖt read Marina Adair, start here. And if you have read her, Last Kiss of Summer is not one to miss. 5 #Sweetness stars and recommendation

If you are in the US, do yourself a favor and make this your last beach read of 2016!

~Review by Cyndi


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Last-Kiss-of-Summer-Quote-Graphic-#1Kennedy rested her elbows on the counter and leaned forward. ÔÇ£You cook, clean, and make house calls? Be still, my heart.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£I aim to please.ÔÇØ He dried off his hands and brought two steaming mugs of coffee to the counter. ÔÇ£Which is why I was trying to be quiet, so you could get another few minutes of sleep, before I surprised you in bed.ÔÇØ He grinned. It was a wicked grin. ÔÇ£Again.ÔÇØ

Luke had done more than surprise her last night; heÔÇÖd spoiled her for other men. Sure, he was an incredible lover, but it was the tender moments in between that made her nervous.

This thing between them couldnÔÇÖt last. She knew that. She also understood that if he was looking for something more permanent, she wouldnÔÇÖt be the kind of woman to inspire that kind of commitment. She was unable to do it with her perfect match, or even her own mother. The one person who was supposed to love her unconditionally. Which left Kennedy painfully afraid that she was missing that elusive quality that led to forever.

Finding out that she was right, that she was unlovable, from a man who obviously had an incredible capacity to love, as sheÔÇÖd seen with his friends and family, would be too painful to survive. So she took the moment for what it was, committing to memory the warm aroma of the coffee, the way the sun cast a glassy haze over the kitchen, and the sleepy expression on his face that made him look softer. More relaxed. Like this was where he was supposed to be.

In this kitchenÔÇöwith her.

Last-Kiss-of-Summer-Quote-Graphic-#2Kennedy was becoming more attachedÔÇöshe could feel it. The way he treated her, the way he made her feel, even the way he looked at her, like right now, as if she were special. Which made her feel special.


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About Marina Adair

Marina Adair is a #1 National bestselling author of romance novels and holds a Master of Fine arts in creative writing. Along with the Sugar, Georgia series, she is also the author the St. Helena Vineyard series, and her new Heroes of St Helena series. She currently lives with her husband, daughter, and two neurotic cats in Northern California.

As a writer, Marina is devoted to giving her readers contemporary romance where the towns are small, the personalities large, and the romance explosive.


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