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by K.D. Robichaux

#Authb92eb80fff2d8e4c91dcd8482341f1fdorInterview time!!  We were able to grab a quick few moments with KD Robichaux, author of the Blogger Diaries.  Not only is KD writing her fourth book, but she is also a senior editor (#dreamjob) with Hot Tree Editing AND still running her blog, Kayla the Bibliophile.

This woman is a hoot! ┬áSeriously, you get to know her so well through her blog and FB posts. ┬áGo follow her if you aren’t already; her social media interactions bring a new dimension to reading her books.

KD, we salute you for writing a great series, finding your prince, and following your dreams! ┬áThanks for taking the time to answer our questions 🙂


Wished for you is the first book in the Blogger Diaries Trilogy. What made you decide to chronicle your very own love story?

┬áAnytime I would tell one of my author friends the story of how Jason and I met, theyÔÇÖd tell me it sounded like a movie. Then my friend Erin Noelle told me I should write it as a trilogy, and the rest is history!

For those who donÔÇÖt follow you on FB or have not seen your book covers, IÔÇÖll spoil it and tell everyone itÔÇÖs KD on the covers.┬á How did you arrive at the decision to pose for the covers?┬á Is that Jason with you?

┬áI was in pageants growing up, and I always loved the photoshoots we did for the photogenic portion of the competitions. As an adult, IÔÇÖve done boudoir photography for Mike Fox Photography. With it being our story, it seemed weird to me to put anyone else on the covers, especially since I didnÔÇÖt even change our names. So yes! ThatÔÇÖs Jason and me on the covers. It was super fun making the hubs play model for a day!

What was the hardest part of the book to write?

The hardest part of book 1 to write was the cliffhanger at the end. Book 2 was the most difficult out of the trilogy, because it was a dark time in our love story. ┬áBut thankfully, the trilogy is complete, so yÔÇÖall donÔÇÖt have to worry about waiting to see what happens!

Was there anything in the trilogy you left out but would be willing to share with us today?

I have a reader group called KD-RobÔÇÖs Mob on Facebook. I post all sorts of pictures of the real people in my books and ÔÇ£deleted scenesÔÇØ in there.┬áhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/361767417319236/


Tell us a little about youwhen did you start writing and what keeps you busy when youre not writing?

I started writing nearly three years ago. It took me a while to finish book 1, because I landed my dream job as a romance novel editor. That definitely keeps me busy! When IÔÇÖm not editing, IÔÇÖm writing, and somewhere in between, IÔÇÖm a wife, and mom of 2 little girls, Josalyn 9 and Avary 7. Throw in there that IÔÇÖm also blogger Kayla the Bibliophile, and IÔÇÖm lucky I remember to change out of my pajamas!

Now being a published author, which do you find you love more: blogging or writing books?

TheyÔÇÖre so very different! I still love blogging, because thereÔÇÖs nothing I enjoy more than sharing the books I love. But writing is equal parts stressful and exciting, and when I complete a book, IÔÇÖve never felt more accomplished! There was nothing better than combining the two, because I got to pimp a ton of my favorite authors in my trilogy 🙂

Who is your favorite author?

That is the cruelest question EVER! I have so many. But since IÔÇÖm still riding the high of meeting my ÔÇ£ultimateÔÇØ a couple months ago, IÔÇÖm going to go with Sherrilyn Kenyon.

What book have you recently read that you would highly recommend?

IÔÇÖm stuck on Wendy Lynn Clark and VF Mason. OMG. IÔÇÖm their editor, and their series are so good! I get so excited when I see them pop up on my editing calendar! Wendy is a Sci-Fi Romance novelist, and VF writes dark romances that are just amazing.

Any WIP progress right now?

Yes! IÔÇÖm currently working on my first standalone called No Trespassing. HereÔÇÖs the blurb:

No Trespassing, a standalone enemies-to-lovers romance by KD Robichaux :

Being the daughter of world-renowned archaeologists, itÔÇÖs in EmmyÔÇÖs blood to want entry into the many off-limits historical places around the United States. Having graduated with her degrees in history and archaeology, youÔÇÖd think she could just waltz right in wherever she wanted, right?


Dean Savageman, host of The Explorer ChannelÔÇÖs No Trespassing, is the rock star of documentaries, and is always called first to explore the most forgotten, dangerous, and inaccessible places around the country. No one gets dibs before himÔÇöcertainly not the huffy wanna-be archaeologist who keeps showing up at the most obscure undocumented locations.

After years of run-ins with her self-proclaimed mortal enemy, and giving up on gaining entry to one of her dream sites the legal way, Emmy sneaks into the NOLA Catacombs, having no idea Dean is in their depths.

What happens when these two get trapped together, alone, twenty-five feet under the streets of New Orleans is one for the history books, or at least an episode of No Trespassing.


You can add it to your TBR here, if you’re into that kinda thing┬á😉

What advice or tips would you share with aspiring authors?

IÔÇÖll share with you what the awesome Aurora Rose Reynolds told me. ÔÇ£Just put words on paper.ÔÇØ ItÔÇÖs as simple as that. If you can just make yourself sit down and allow the words to come out, youÔÇÖll be set. ThatÔÇÖs really the hardest part. Set aside time every single day, and get those words out. Oh, and hire a good editor. 😉

Thank yÔÇÖall so much for having me!!


Get KD’s books here!

Wished for You, Book 1

Wished He Was You, Book 2

Wish Come True, Book 3


And they lived happily ever after.

About K.D. Robichaux

KD Robichaux wanted to be a romance author since the first time she picked up her mom's Sandra Brown books at the ripe old age of twelve. She went to college to become a writer, but then married and had babies. Putting her dream job on hold to raise her family as a stay at home mom, who read entirely too much, she created a blog where she could keep her family and friends up-to-date on all the hottest reads. From there, by word of mouth, her blog took off and she began using her hard-earned degree as a Senior Editor for Hot Tree Editing. When her kids started school, and with the encouragement from her many author friends, she finally sat down and started working on her first series, The Blogger Diaries, her very own real life romance.

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