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Wished for You by KD Robichaux #Review #OUAP @kaylathebiblioWished for You (The Blogger Diaries #1) by K.D. Robichaux
Series: The Blogger Diaries #1
Published by K.D. Robichaux on January 14th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Romance
Pages: 302

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


KaylaÔÇÖs Chick Rant & Book BlogBlog Post:
1/17/15 My name is Kayla and IÔÇÖm a blogger who believes in fairy tales. Through the anonymity of my blog, along with my reviews of the steamy novels I like to read, I tell the stories of my own search for love. No matter how disastrous they turn outÔÇöand believe me, you will ask yourself ÔÇÿDid that really happen?ÔÇÖÔÇöI never gave up, knowing my soul mate was out there somewhere.When my big brother invited me to move to Houston for a semester of college, I jumped at the opportunity to leave my small hometown to see what it was like to live in a big city. Having no friends and not knowing where to go, I met a guy online and met up with him that night. BecauseÔǪYOLO, right?Turns out, he was an okay guy. Not ÔÇÿThe OneÔÇÖ, but still, a good enough guy to spend time with. But then, he introduced me to his best friend Jason, and my world tilted on its axis. The dark, tough, tatted-up guy, who was too broody for his own good, captivated me. But he made it perfectly clear, I wasnÔÇÖt his type.
Author's Note: The Blogger Diaries Trilogy is the true story of how I met, fell for, lost, and got a second chance at love with my soul mate. The names of everyone EXCEPT me, Jason, my family, and my best friend have been changed to protect their identities. Full of youthful stupidity, leading to bad decisions and lots of angst, it is a real life story, where inevitably things are messy.
No one can look back at their late teens and early twenties and not think of moments that make them ask, What the hell was I thinking? Every second of this trilogy is true, exactly as it happened.
The first book, Wished For You, is a tale of finding ÔÇÿthe oneÔÇÖ too early, and then having to let them go.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a true trilogy, meaning the first two books END ON CLIFFHANGERS. But if you take the journey with me, in the end, I promise you a happily ever after you will never forget. I know I wonÔÇÖt.

Wished for You is the first installment in a friends-turned-lovers story. ┬áWhile book┬áone is a cliff-hanger, books two and three┬áare already available. ┬áA tiny bit of a spoiler, it’s also a story about a second chance at love (and yes, I did read the other two books in the series but I couldn’t be left dangling!). ┬áWhat’s even more remarkable is that it’s all true. ┬áI think that is the part of the story which got me the most; the author bares her soul, mistakes, and path to finding her happily ever after.

There are lots of bumps along the way (seriously, I can’t believe some of the stuff this woman has weathered!), but one thing is blatantly obvious – she’s a strong woman and she knows who owns her heart. ┬áWhat I did find very interesting is her foreword stating she tried to keep the story as authentic as possible, only changing the names of friends. ┬áIt makes you wonder if it was easier or harder to write a memoir; unlike writing fiction, you relive the highs and lows in the process of committing them to paper.

Since this is truly a memoir that sounds a whole lot like fiction, don’t stop at book one; you don’t get the whole picture and only a fractionated idea of who these people are. ┬áBecause it’s a true story, I found I had to put the book down a few times in the course of reading it, remember that the agony and tears she writes were very much real.

The story contains some funny throwback moments (hello MySpace and flared jeans!), and I enjoyed taking a walk through her past. ┬áBe ready for some angst, frustration, and heartache. ┬á It’s worth it in the end!

~ Review by Loredana

About K.D. Robichaux

KD Robichaux wanted to be a romance author since the first time she picked up her mom's Sandra Brown books at the ripe old age of twelve. She went to college to become a writer, but then married and had babies. Putting her dream job on hold to raise her family as a stay at home mom, who read entirely too much, she created a blog where she could keep her family and friends up-to-date on all the hottest reads. From there, by word of mouth, her blog took off and she began using her hard-earned degree as a Senior Editor for Hot Tree Editing. When her kids started school, and with the encouragement from her many author friends, she finally sat down and started working on her first series, The Blogger Diaries, her very own real life romance.


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