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#Review Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers #YA #MustRead #TopRecommendation @RiversOliviaTone Deaf by Olivia Rivers
Published by Sky Pony Press on May 3rd 2016
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 288
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His world is music. Her world is silent.
Ali Collins was a child prodigy destined to become one of the greatest musicians of the twenty-first centuryÔÇöuntil she was diagnosed with a life-changing brain tumor. Now, at seventeen, Ali lives in a soundless world where she gets by with American Sign Language and lip-reading. SheÔÇÖs a constant disappointment to her father, a retired cop fighting his own demons, and the bruises are getting harder to hide.

When Ali accidentally wins a backstage tour with the chart-topping band Tone Deaf, sheÔÇÖs swept back into the world of music. Jace Beckett, the nineteen-year-old lead singer of the band, has a reputation. HeÔÇÖs a jerk and a player, and Ali wants nothing to do with him. But thereÔÇÖs more to Jace than the tabloids let on. When Jace notices AliÔÇÖs bruises and offers to help her escape to New York, Ali canÔÇÖt turn down the chance at freedom and a fresh start. Soon sheÔÇÖs traveling cross-country, hidden away in JaceÔÇÖs RV as the band finishes their nationwide tour. With the help of Jace, Ali sets out to reboot her life and rediscover the music she once loved.

***5+ Stars***

Tone Deaf┬áis the second book by Olivia Rivers that I’ve read and now it’s officialÔÇöI’m a die-hard fan.

Between the beautiful writing style, relatable and likeable characters, and a strong plot, this is definitely a new favorite of mine.

I love how the author isn’t scared to tackle difficult topics and how she does so with incredible finesse and tact.
Not only did Tone Deaf┬ácaptivate me and take me on an emotional rollercoaster ride, but it also gave me food for thought. It broadened my horizon and let me walk in someone else’s shoes for a while.

And Ali’s and Jace’s shoes aren’t the most comfortable ones to wear.
Ali, a musical genius, has lost her hearing, her mom, her future. All she has now is a will to withstand her father’s abuse until she’s an adult.
Jace is a rockstarÔÇöfame, money, women are at his disposal. But all of it leaves him feeling empty, devoid of meaning. Nothing can help him forget his past.

Their paths cross when Ali wins a meet and greet. What starts out as a trainwreck, soon becomes Ali’s only chance to escape her father.
Jace, the arrogant rockstar becomes her knight in not-so-shining armor, letting her travels with his band to help her get away.

The trip becomes a journey for both of them. A journey of letting go, of trust, of vulnerability, and of letting another person in. And it’s a journey that brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

Ali could be bitter and miserable considering all she went through and all she’s still going through. Yet, despite her paralyzing fears, she doesn’t give up hope, doesn’t stop making plans. She’s broken in her own way. Scared and distrustful since the man who is supposed to love and protect her, is the one who hurts her.
I loved how driven she is, fighting for her own future. Despite all the hurt that was caused in her life and all the pain she’s feeling, she’s a fighter. I loved seeing her growth and the change of learning to let people in, to trust them. Even when it was hard to do.
And Jace really doesn’t appear trustworthy.
A rockstar with a reputation, he is controlling, tactless, and brushes people off. The first encounter with him and I was ready to strangle him. But the more I learned, the more his other sideÔÇöthe sweet, caring oneÔÇöshined through.
Yes, he’s arrogant and demanding. But he’s been hurt before and the demons of his past haunt him every day. And every day he fights against them, trying to be a better version of himself. Once his trust is won, he’s loyal to a fault and will fight with all he’s got. Underneath the armor of arrogance is a sweet guy wanting to be loved.
And it’s Ali who coaxes that guy out.

Their growth and learning process are both heart-warming and heart-wrenching, because no one should have to learn to be loved.
Fact is, I love them both as well as the side characters who add a lot to the story and aren’t merely there to move it forward.

What really impressed me is how well the author wrote those young characters, giving them substance, depth and personality.

This is a story that will stay with me for a long time to come.

5+ serva-me-servabo-te stars.

~Review by Paula

About Olivia Rivers

Olivia Rivers is a hybrid author of Young Adult fiction. Her works include the independently published ÔÇ£Tortured ElementsÔÇØ and ÔÇ£DuplicityÔÇØ series, along with the traditionally published novel ÔÇ£Tone DeafÔÇØ (Skyhorse 2016.) As a certified geek, she enjoys experimenting with new publishing technologies, and her online serials have received over 1,000,000 hits on Wattpad.com. When Olivia isnÔÇÖt working as a writer, sheÔÇÖs a typical teen attending college in Northern California. Olivia is represented by Laurie McLean of Fuse Literary, and nothing thrills her more than hearing from readers.


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