#Review Slip of the Tongue (Slip of the Tongue, #1) by Jessica Hawkins #5Stars #ForbiddenLove #Angst @jess_hawk

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#Review Slip of the Tongue (Slip of the Tongue, #1) by Jessica Hawkins #5Stars #ForbiddenLove #Angst @jess_hawkSlip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins
Series: Slip of the Tongue #1
on February 18th, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Forbidden Love
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Sadie Hunt isn't perfect-but her husband is. Nathan Hunt has her coffee waiting every morning. He holds her hand until the last second. He worships the Manhattan sidewalk she walks on. Until one day, he just...stops. And Sadie finds herself in the last place she ever expected to be. Lonely in her marriage.

When rugged and sexy Finn Cohen moves in to the apartment across the hall, he and Sadie share an immediate spark. Finn reveals dreams for a different life. Sadie wants to save her marriage. Their secrets should keep them apart, not ignite a blistering affair. But while Sadie's marriage runs colder by the day, she and Finn burn hotter.

Her husband doesn't want her anymore. The man next door would give up everything to have her.

"Slip of the Tongue is a standalone forbidden romance. Please note it contains adultery themes that may be triggers for some people."

I can’t believe how much I loved this book. I never expected it. The reason is that normally I don’t like to read books with cheatingÔÇöI don’t find them romantic or entertaining. But Slip of the Tongue┬áby Jessica Hawkins was different.

Maybe because the cheating wasn’t trivialized as part of a bigger story and just a stepping stone to move the plot forward. Instead, the cheating was the story with all the ups and downs, the pain and despair, the loneliness and the guilt.
Or maybe because there were nor real winners in this story. Everyone involved lost something and paid a price for their actions.

Whatever the reason, I was swept up in the story, lost to its emotional intensity. It wasn’t always comfortable and definitely not black and white. But it sure as hell made me feel deeply and strongly. My heart ached for Sadie, Nathan, and FinnÔÇöin different ways but equally painful.

Sadie and Nathan are married. Happily. It’s the picture book kind of marriage. Until it isn’t.
Nathan is suddenly distant and pushes Sadie away without her knowing why. She’s left in the dark, her husband suddenly the opposite of the man he used to be. She’s lonely, scared, and helpless. And then comes FinnÔÇöher new neighbor. An instant connection quickly turns into moreÔÇösending Sadie into a spiral of lust, guilt, confusion, and heartache.
How should she know if her marriage can be saved? And does she even want it anymore? And what if her husband is not the only one with a secret?

I felt a strong connection with the characters, which surprised me a little. I didn’t think that would be the case seeing as what the topic was. Yet, I felt like I knew them and I liked them.

Sadie is vulnerable despite her strength. A strong-minded woman, she isn’t the overly emotional and romantic type, yet used to being spoiled and revered by Nathan. The harder it hits her when he withdraws any kind of affection. Suddenly, she feels more emotions than she knows what to do with.
Her feeling of being lost, of her world turning upside down were palpable. Her inner turmoil was raw and made my heart ache. Being this in tune with her emotions, made it hard to hate her when she does the unthinkable. She doesn’t just jump into Finn’s arms and she isn’t free guilt and self-loathing. This made it easier to sympathize with her.
Is what she does right? Hell no. But am I able to see how she thinks everything is lost? More than I considered possible. I can’t blame her for how she feels when Nathan changes.

And he does a 180. Going from the most doting, selfless, and caring husband, to cold, brash, and downright rude. I was just as confused as Sadie, yet I couldn’t stop thinking that he’s a good guy. The glimpses into their past prove it, but with his behavior he is destroying their relationship second by agonizing second. I knew he’s hurting though I didn’t know why. And more than once did I want to punch him in the face.

His new personality is such a stark contrast to Finn, who is kind, attentive, sensual, and playful as well as romantic. He’s the type of guy who can make every woman weak in the knees. But the only woman he wants is Sadie. And he’s not afraid to show it. But he’s also a dreamer, a trait I found naive at times and that made me like him a bit less. He gets swept up in his emotions, consequences be damned.

The dynamics between the characters are complex and complicated. It was impossible for me to paint things black and white. Jessica Hawkins did a good job. She captured the complexity of human emotions perfectly. And I was even able to take a few pointers from this book. Things to not do in a relationship.

5 cheating-is-still-wrong stars.

~Review by Paula


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