How To Catch A (Falling) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina #ReleaseDay #5StarReview @gabbyaquilina @SoVainBooks

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How To Catch A (Falling) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina #ReleaseDay #5StarReview @gabbyaquilina @SoVainBooks

How To Catch A (Falling) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina #ReleaseDay #5StarReview @gabbyaquilina @SoVainBooksHow to Catch a (Falling) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina
Published by So Vain Books on July 28th 2016
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


The much anticipated sequel to the new adult bestseller "How to Catch a (Rock) Star"

Johnny Moretti, bassist of American rock band The Dead Hour, is hot, single and in demand with women, but heÔÇÖs becoming disillusioned with the rock star lifestyle. Not that he wants to settle down like his band mate, Jed. Hell, no. He just wants something more out of life than meaningless hook-ups.

While filming for a popular UK chat show, he meets American TV actress Darcy Swanson for the second time. As with the first time they met, thereÔÇÖs no love lost between them so when their lives are thrown together unexpectedly when a traumatic incident involving movie superstar Jack Ford occurs, neither knows quite how to handle it.
With Johnny facing prison and DarcyÔÇÖs hard-earned career in serious jeopardy, they both need to confront their pasts and face up to the truth, but are they be brave enough to do it?

A web of Hollywood cover-ups begins to surface, but will Johnny and Darcy be the first spark to light the fire and run the risk of getting seriously burnt or will they stay silent and suffer the consequences?

How to Catch a (Falling) StarHow to Catch a (Falling) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Something happened throughout the last ┬╝ of How To Catch a Rock Star that swayed me over to #TeamJohnny (Dead Hour bass player Johnny Morretti). So as I finished reading HTCARS, I was anxious to dive into How To Catch A (Falling) Star. It did not disappoint. The story picks up with the band now living in the UK and in the midst of promoting their new album. Things are looking up for the band but Johnny seems restless. ThatÔÇÖs all about to change.

Johnny has never been shy, but when he meets up with Darcy Swanson, an actress who shot him down once, heÔÇÖs a bit put off yet simultaneously drawn to her. When an unfortunate event makes Johnny her hero but heÔÇÖs not treated as such. With this, DarcyÔÇÖs character is tested and their connection builds. From here on out, miss-perception really gets in their way. We get to know Darcy as well and I really took to her. SheÔÇÖs a bit jaded (rightly so) by Hollywood, but sheÔÇÖs genuine. There is just something in her connection with Johnny that normalizes her. ItÔÇÖs all consuming but all too short lived. SheÔÇÖs a bit stubborn, but definitely worthy of compassion. The problem is that DarcyÔÇÖs miss-perception makes for miscommunication and a missed opportunity

As the story progresses, Aquilina weaves in a mystery in JohnnyÔÇÖ s backstory and we learn why he is an unapologetic rock star whore. ItÔÇÖs sad but it makes sense and is actually endearing. For all his sexist bravado, heÔÇÖs got such a good soul ( as his friendships with Jed and Lillie show) and itÔÇÖs good to see Johnny feeling something more and something resembling hope.

My praise to Gabrielle for JohnnyÔÇÖs fabulous fantasy daydream, it just made me crush on him all the more. My only pause was that when the ending hit, it hit fast and I just wish there would have been more. ThatÔÇÖs how much I liked this story. I wanted another few chapters and that is the tell for a wonderful read. I sincerely hope we get more stories about the boys in Dead Hour.┬áAnother 5 Star book in this now 5 Star series.

~Review by Cyndi

About Gabrielle Aquilina

IÔÇÖve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember but never entertained the possibility that it could, or would, ever happen. My mum has always pictured me as a childrenÔÇÖs book author (sorry to disappoint!) but IÔÇÖve always loved contemporary romance as a genre ÔÇô love, lust, betrayal, drama, hot guys, sexy girls. WhatÔÇÖs not to like?

And now my first book is being published and I hope to look back on it, in the years to come when IÔÇÖm an established author with plenty of titles on the shelves, with fondness and a good deal of embarrassment as, IÔÇÖve been told, most authors do!

IÔÇÖm absolutely thrilled that So Vain Books, an indie publisher, have chosen my first novel, ÔÇÿHow To Catch a (Rock) StarÔÇÖ, as one of their novels for next year and cannot wait to hold a copy of my very own book in my hands soon. I hope you like it as much as IÔÇÖve enjoyed writing it ÔÇô I think Jed, Lillie and Johnny will long be my favourite characters to have come out of my own headÔǪ


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