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Ultimate Courage ( True Heroes #2) by Piper J. Drake #ReleaseDay #4StarReview #Giveaway #Excerpt @PiperJDrake @GrandCentralPub

Ultimate Courage ( True Heroes #2) by Piper J. Drake #ReleaseDay #4StarReview #Giveaway #Excerpt @PiperJDrake @GrandCentralPubUltimate Courage (True Heroes, #2) by Piper J. Drake
Published by Forever on July 26th 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 336
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Elisa Hall is good at starting from scratch. Leaving an abusive relationship in her rearview, she packs everything she owns into the trunk of her car and heads for refuge with her friend in Hope's Crossing, North Carolina.
Alex Rojas returned from his second deployment as a Navy SEAL to find his condo empty and divorce papers on the breakfast table. Now he's building a life for himself and his daughter at Hope's Crossing kennels training younger dogs and handlers to search and rescue, struggling to adjust to life back in the States and as a single father.
When Elisa shows up at the kennels, it's obvious she's running from something. Luckily, the dogs and trainers at Hope's Crossing are more than capable of warding off trouble. And with every minute he spends with Elisa, Alex becomes even more and more determined to protect the woman he's certain he won't be able to live without...

Ultimate Courage (True Heroes, #2)Ultimate Courage by Piper J. Drake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New Hope is a great little place to run to when you are trying to fly below the radar of your controlling ex-fianc├®, At least it is for Elisa Hall. Ultimate Courage is the second book in Piper Drakes True Heroes series ( Extreme Honor being book one) and can be read as a standalone, but I wouldn’t pass up reading either of them. These stories are suspenseful & informative and once again I found myself hooked by the end of the first chapter.

Ultimate Courage opens with our the introduction of Elisa Hall (on the run) to one Alex Rojas and his daughter Serene “Boom” Rojas in less than ideal circumstances. Elisa is left with a very good reason to visit Hopes Crossing Kennel’s where Alex works. From there, the connection between Elisa and Alex is fortified by Elisa’s secret and Alex’s keen observations of her and need to protect.

In Elisa we find a smart young woman whose life has been overshadowed by her fianc├®. The mystery in this story is who he is and why she feels this way. As we learn about how he had taken control of her emotions, he becomes an ominously scary character. Alex immediately see’s something in her, detects her fear and does what an alpha hero does best, steps in to protect her. This is where the story is fun. Their chemistry is fabulous and once again, Drake gives us characters who consider each others well being (safety and feelings) foremost. This connection builds rather quickly which works for these characters and the situation. Elisa is filled with self-doubt in how well she reads people, and Alex struggles with the fear that he’ll experience a PTSD episode where he might end up hurting people. Again, Drake handles this with thoughtfulness.

Lastly, the secondary characters; Boom, Gary and Greg and of course Souza fill in the storyline and do their part in connecting Elisa to this small community. Elisa’s situation drives the storyline which is well paced and Drake’s descriptive writing lends an authentic feel to how things shake-out. 4 Stars and recommendation!
 ~Review by Cyndi

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YouÔÇÖve got to be insane.”

Elisa Hall took a prudent stepÔÇöor twoÔÇöback as she observed the standoff brewing in front of her. A tall man stood between her and the emergency room reception desk, glaring at the woman in scrubs behind it. He stood at an angle to Elisa, so he could see the reception desk to his right and the entirety of the waiting area in front of him.

He clenched his fists.

Elisa retreated farther back toward the entrance, releasing her throbbing rist and letting her hands fall to her sides. Harmless. Nothing to see here.

“IÔÇÖm sorry, sir, but ambulances take precedence over walk-ins,” the nurse repeated. She was braver than Elisa wouldÔÇÖve been in the face of rage on a level with the manÔÇÖs at the counter.

He was dressed in loose fitness shorts and a close-fitting black tee. His hands were wrapped in some cross between tape and fabric.

“Fighter” might as well have been printed across his very broad, muscular shoulders.

Actually, now that she was looking, his tee said Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Well, then. Maybe she should just take more ibuprofen and forget about seeing a doctor for her swollen wrist after all. Getting her injury examined wasnÔÇÖt worth staying anywhere near this guy.

The nurse glanced quickly at Elisa then returned her attention to the man, her expression softening with sympathy. “As soon as an examination room opens up, weÔÇÖll get you in to see the doctor. Please, wait right here and fill out these forms while I help this young lady.”

Wait, what? The manÔÇÖs face, and his focus, turned toward her. Oh, great.

Usually she envied nurses their ability to sympathize with so many patients and make such a difference in their lives. Now was not one of those times.

Elisa squashed the urge to bolt. Never ended well when she tried it. Better to hold very still, wait until the anger in front of her burned itself out, and pull herself together afterward.

Instead, she fastened her gaze on the floor and tried to keep her body from tensing visibly. Silently, she sang herself an inane nursery rhyme to take her mind

off the weight of the manÔÇÖs intense glare. Please, please, let him walk away. They were in public, and even though the emergency room waiting area wasnÔÇÖt packed, it still had a dozen people scattered around the seats.

But the expected explosion, shouting, other things . . .never happened. Instead, the man had quieted. All of the frustrated aggression seemed to have been stuffed away, somewhere.

She swallowed hard. Relief eased her constricted throat, and she breathed slowly for the time being. Leaving remained the best idea she had at the moment.

But he stepped away from the counter and farther to her right, motioning with a wrapped hand for her to step forward. As she forced her feet to take herself closer to the reception deskÔÇöand past himÔÇöhe gave her room.

Belatedly, she realized his movement also happened to block her escape route toward the doors. He couldnÔÇÖt have done it on purpose, could he? But Elisa took a step up to the reception counter and away from him anyway.

“Yes, dear?” The nurseÔÇÖs gentle prompt made Elisa jump.

Damn it. ElisaÔÇÖs heart beat loud in her ears.

The nurse gave her an encouraging smile. “DonÔÇÖt mind him. HeÔÇÖs been here before. IÔÇÖve already asked another nurse to bring ice packs as fast as possible. I donÔÇÖt

mind if he blows off some hot air in my direction in the meantime. I would be upset, too, considering todayÔÇÖs situation.”

Elisa bit her lip. She could still feel the man standing behind her, his presence looming at her back. He couldnÔÇÖt possibly appreciate the nurse sharing some of

his private information. And he didnÔÇÖt seem to need ice packs or any other medical attention. He appeared very able-bodied. “ItÔÇÖs none of my business.”

The nurse placed a clipboard on the counter and wrinkled her nose. “Oh, trust me, the entire waiting room knows what his concern is. Tell me what brought you here.”

This might be the most personable emergency room reception area Elisa had been to in years, not counting the extremely angry man standing behind her. They were either not very busyÔÇönot likely if all the examination rooms were full upÔÇöor extremely efficient.

Efficiency meant she could get in and out and decide what her next steps would be.

“My wrist.” Elisa held out her left arm, her wrist obviously swollen. “I thought it was just a bad sprain, but itÔÇÖs been more than a few days and has only gotten worse. I can barely move it now.”

And if she could have avoided it, she definitely wouldnÔÇÖt have stopped in to get it treated. An emergency room visit, even with the help of her soon-to-be nonexistent insurance, was still an expense she didnÔÇÖt need. ItÔÇÖd been six months or so since her last significant paycheck, and she could not afford to extend her insurance much longer. Plus, it might be better not to. One less way to track her.

“Is that your dominant arm, dear?” The nurse held up a pen.

Elisa shook her head.

“Oh, good. Leave your ID and insurance card with me so I can make copies. Take a seat over there to fill out this form and bring it back to me.”

Okay, then. Elisa took the items and made her way toward the seating area, thankful the nurse hadnÔÇÖt asked her to give her name and pertinent information verbally. It was always a risk to share those things out loud.

SheÔÇÖd learned over and over again. There was a chance a slip of information in the unlikeliest of places would find its way to exactly the person she didnÔÇÖt want

to have it. No matter how careful sheÔÇÖd been over the last several months, it hadnÔÇÖt been enough yet.

But it would be. This time. She was learning, and she was free. Every day was a new chance.

Nodding to herself, Elisa looked for a seat. It might not be crowded, but just about everyone in the room had decided to sit with at least a chair or two buffer between them and the next person. The buffer seats were all that were left, and most of the other people waiting to be seen were either men, or women sitting with men.

Then she caught sight of a young girl sitting with her legs crossed in the seat next to the big planter in the corner. Slender, but long limbed, the girl had a sweet face and the gangly look of a growing kid. Elisa guessed the girl was maybe eight or nine, could even be ten. Hard to pin down age when the kid had such an innocent look to her. The seat next to her was open, and she was waiting quietly, hugging a big, blue, plush . . . round thing. Whatever it was.

Elisa walked quickly over, and when the girl looked up at her with big, blue eyes, Elisa gave her the friendliest smile she could dig up. “Mind if I sit next

to you?”

The girl looked around, her gaze lingering on the reception area behind Elisa for a moment before saying, “Sure.”

Elisa took a seat.

After a few silent moments, the little girl stirred next to her. “Are you sick?”

Well, paperwork didnÔÇÖt take much of her attention, and itÔÇÖd been a while since Elisa had been outside of her own head in a lot of ways. Conversation would be

a welcome change and a good distraction from the constant worry running in the back of her mind. “Not sick so much as hurt. I wonÔÇÖt give you the plague.”

A soft, strained laugh. “Same here.”

Elisa took a harder look at the big, plush toy. It wasnÔÇÖt for comfort as ElisaÔÇÖd first assumed. It was supporting the girlÔÇÖs slender left arm, which was bent at an impossible angle.

“Oh my god.” Why was she sitting here alone?

“DonÔÇÖt worry.” The girl gave her a quick thumbs-up with her right hand. “The doctors are really good here, and IÔÇÖm in all the time.”

Such a brave face. She had to be in an insane amount of pain. And here she was encouraging Elisa.

“Is there someone you should talk to about how often you get hurt?” Elisa struggled for the right tone. It was one sheÔÇÖd heard more than once when people had been concerned for her. Some places had safeguards in place for . . .

Blue eyes widened. “Oh, itÔÇÖs not what youÔÇÖre thinking. Trust me, people ask my dad. And itÔÇÖs not like that at all. I study mixed martial arts. I get bruised and

bumped all the time, and usually itÔÇÖs nothing, but Dad always makes me come in to get checked.”

It was hard not to believe in the earnest tone. But monsters were everywhere.

The girl gave her a rueful smile, still amazing considering how much pain she had to be in. “This time it wasnÔÇÖt just a bump.”

“Which is why theyÔÇÖre going to see you as soon as they can, Boom.”

Elisa hadnÔÇÖt heard the man approach. He was just there. He kneeled down in front of the girl then gently tucked an ice pack around her arm while moving it as

little as possible. For her part, the girl hissed in pain but otherwise held up with amazing fortitude.

Elisa wouldÔÇÖve been in tears. The forearm had to be broken. Both bones. It didnÔÇÖt take a doctor to figure that out. No wonder the man had been mad earlier. SheÔÇÖd want this girl to be seen as soon as possible, too. She dropped her gaze, unable to watch.

“Here.” An ice pack appeared in her view. “Your wrist should be iced, too. Take down the swelling while you wait.”

Speechless, Elisa looked up.

The manÔÇÖs words were gruff, awkward. His expression was blank. But his eyesÔÇöa softness around his eyesÔÇöand a . . . quiet in the way he watched her made her swallow and relax a fraction. Her heartbeat stuttered in a fluttery kind of way. A completely different reaction from what she should be experiencing if she were wise. She didnÔÇÖt know this man and he was probably married. The girl had a mother somewhere. Where? Maybe on her way. This man was just being nice. Maybe.

Learn from your mistakes. You never know who a person really is.


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Piper J. Drake (or ÔÇ£PJÔÇØ) began her writing career as ÔÇ£PJ SchnyderÔÇØ writing sci-fi & paranormal romance and steampunk. She has recently received the FF&P PRISM award for her work as well as the NJRW Golden Leaf award and Parsec award.
Now, PJ is exploring the complexity of romantic suspense, incorporating her interests in mixed martial arts and the military into her writing.



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