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by Jamie Begley


Winter’t Touch by Jamie Begley is LIVE!!!

Winters Touch Jamie Begley

Winter’s Touch┬áby┬áJamie Begley
on July 19th, 2016
Genres: Biker, Erotic Romance
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As president of The Last Riders, ViperÔÇÖs only fear was losing his wife. After all, he had almost lost her once before.

As wife to the president, Winter lived in fear every day: fear that a club enemy would take Viper from her, fear that one of the club women would tempt him to stray, fear that she wasnÔÇÖt enough of a woman for him. One thing Winter didnÔÇÖt fear was risking everything to carry her husbandÔÇÖs child, even her health, yet Viper refused to take the chance.

Losing hope, Winter made one last ditch effort, determined to make Viper realize that some things were worth fighting for besides the club.

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ÔÇ£Want to tell me why you threw a winning hand?ÔÇØ

Winter stubbornly firmed her jaw. ÔÇ£I was tired of playing.ÔÇØ She pressed her hands flat on the wall beside her head, trying to gain leverage to push herself away from ViperÔÇÖs hard body. However, Viper kissed the flesh behind her ear as she felt his hand slide up her leg, bunching her dress to her waist.

ÔÇ£YouÔÇÖre never too tired to play,ÔÇØ Viper contradicted. ÔÇ£You didnÔÇÖt look tired.ÔÇØ He took her earlobe into his mouth, nibbling on it until she used her butt to try to push him away. She only found herself pressed flatter against the wall.

ÔÇ£Maybe I was tired of watching Sasha look at you like it was you she was fucking,ÔÇØ she snarled over her shoulder.

He gave a low chuckle. ÔÇ£Does it matter, as long as itÔÇÖs not me fucking her?ÔÇØ

Yes, dammit! It does! How would you feel if Train was staring? Never mind. I know how you would feel. Youd think its hot.

ÔÇ£It is hot when I fuck you.ÔÇØ

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About Jamie Begley

“I was born in a small town in Kentucky. My family began poor, but worked their way to owning a restaurant. My mother was one of the best cooks I have ever known, and she instilled in all her children the value of hard work, and education.

Taking after my mother, I’ve always love to cook, and became pretty good if I do say so myself. I love to experiment and my unfortunate family has suffered through many. They now have learned to steer clear of those dishes. I absolutely love the holidays and my family puts up with my zany decorations.

For now, my days are spent writing, writing, and writing. I have two children who both graduated this year from college. My daughter does my book covers, and my son just tries not to blush when someone asks him about my books.

Currently I am writing five series of books- The Last Riders, The VIP Room, Predators MC, Biker Bitches, and The Dark Souls.

All my books are written for one purpose- the enjoyment others find in them, and the expectations of my fans that inspire me to give it my best.”

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