Wicked Beautiful (Wicked Games #1) by J.T. Geissinger #ReleaseDay #4.5StarReview @JTGeissinger @SullandPartners

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Wicked Beautiful (Wicked Games #1) by J.T. Geissinger #ReleaseDay #4.5StarReview @JTGeissinger @SullandPartners

Wicked Beautiful (Wicked Games #1) by J.T. Geissinger #ReleaseDay #4.5StarReview @JTGeissinger @SullandPartnersWicked Beautiful (Wicked Games #1) by J.T. Geissinger
Series: Wicked Games #1
Published by Jack's House Publishing on July 12th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 380
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A ruthless businesswoman and the playboy who dumped her long ago find themselves embroiled in a high stakes game of love, lies and revenge.
Life coach and best-selling author Victoria Price has it all: a successful career, fabulous friends, a fantastic penthouse in Manhattan. What she doesnÔÇÖt haveÔÇöand doesnÔÇÖt wantÔÇöis a husband. Fifteen years ago her high school flame broke her heart so badly she swore sheÔÇÖd never love again. Now she makes millions teaching other women how to be just like her: a ruthless bitch.
Drop-dead sexy restauranteur and infamous playboy Parker Maxwell has only three rules for the women he dates: no questions about his past, no expectations for the future, and no spending the night. When he meets Victoria, however, heÔÇÖs willing to break his own rules if it means sating the explosive desire she arouses in him. What he doesnÔÇÖt know is that the alluring Victoria Price used to be the mousy Isabel Diaz, the girl he deflowered and dumped long ago.
Presented with a perfect opportunity for revenge, Victoria decides the game is on. But when her connection with Parker proves more than just skin deep, she has to make a choice: continue with her plan for payback, or risk her career, her reputation, and her heart by taking a second chance on love?

ÔÿàÔÇ┐┬©.ÔÇó*┬┤┬┤*ÔÇó.┬©(*ÔÇó.┬©4.5 Stars┬©.ÔÇó*)┬©.ÔÇó*┬┤┬┤*ÔÇó.┬©ÔÇ┐Ôÿà

WHAT.A.FUN.READ! Okay, so Wicked Beautiful is also a bit tense at times, but itÔÇÖs overwhelmingly built on the clever dialogue and the steamy connection between Victoria and Parker. I canÔÇÖt recommend it enough and itÔÇÖs easily classifiable as a delightful read.

J.T. Geissinger has certainly hit this one out of the park. Wicked Beautiful, book 1 in the Wicked Games duet , is the story of Victoria (a.k.a. Isabelle) and Parker ( a.k.a. misunderstood restaurant mogul). I love these two. Victoria is a high energy empowerment coach, who’s built an empire on her ÔÇ£bitchyÔÇØ attitude. SheÔÇÖs best described as the embodiment of ÔÇ£resting bitch everythingÔÇØ and Parker just canÔÇÖt stay away from her. Turns out there is a good reason why, he just doesnÔÇÖt know it. And that is the premise of the story. What follows is VictoriaÔÇÖs enthusiastic hilarious and sexy attempt(s) to best exact revenge on Parker.

She ties in her ÔÇ£BitchÔÇØ philosophy with her life mantra rules to keep her on track. The longer she works to figure out the best way to get to Parker, to ultimately ruin him, she ends up getting in deeper (as does he). Fool that she is, she finds herself agreeing to many of ParkersÔÇÖ requests and breaking many of her rules. Her assumptions about what he may or may not know, do or feel leaves her constantly on guard and totally off balance. You canÔÇÖt really blame the girl as their chemistry is out of this world HOT!

GeissingerÔÇÖs dialogue writing is very witty and she shows it off in Wicked Beautiful. Much of the humor-some moments come with VictoriaÔÇÖs interactions with her friend Darcy and her assistant Tabby. I am overjoyed that the next story ÔÇ£Wicked SexyÔÇØ centers on her. But let me tell you why. Geissinger creates an adorably quirky, amazingly smart and skilled, fashion train wreck. SheÔÇÖs also VictoriaÔÇÖs voice of reason and at times her savior. But what I like most is the smart aleck assignations to almost everything, the banter between Victoria and her friends. They operate like a small spy like network and have a language all their own. ÔÇ£What are friends for if they wonÔÇÖt move a body.ÔÇØ

The premise for the duet is clever, but itÔÇÖs all about executing and Geissinger does an amazing job with this sexy and drama filled story line. She manages to work in some good advice and philosophy too. My favorite is tied to bitch rule #8: Bitches take control: ÔÇ£You always have the power to say, this is not how my story is going to end.ÔÇØ I have so many highlights which always equals a great read. I actually found myself cackling while reading Wicked Beautiful and I do believe there was a nod to House of CardsÔǪwell played!┬á4.5 Stars and recommendation.

~Review by Cyndi


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About J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger is an award winning and best-selling author of dark, sexy romance.

She is the recipient of the Prism Award for Best First Book, the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, and was a finalist for the prestigious RITA┬® Award from the Romance Writers of America. Her work has also finaled in the BooksellersÔÇÖ Best, National ReadersÔÇÖ Choice, and Daphne du Maurier Awards.


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