#BlogTour Full Tilt (Full Tilt, #1) by Emma Scott #6Stars #MustRead #TopRecommendation @EmmaS_writes

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#BlogTour Full Tilt (Full Tilt, #1) by Emma Scott #6Stars #MustRead #TopRecommendation @EmmaS_writesFull Tilt by Emma Scott
Series: Full Tilt #1
on June 28th, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

"I would love you forever, if I only had the chance..."

Kacey Dawson has always lived life on the edge--impulsively, sometimes recklessly. And now, as lead guitarist for a hot up-and-coming band, she is poised at the brink of fame and fortune. But she is torn between wanting to be a serious musician, and the demons that lure her down the glittering, but alcohol-soaked path of rock stardom. A wrecked concert in Las Vegas threatens to ruin her career entirely. She wakes up with the hangover from hell and no memory of the night before, or how she ended up on her limo driverÔÇÖs couch...

Jonah Fletcher is running out of time. He knows his situation is hopeless, and he's vowed to make the most of the handful of months he has left to him. His plans include seeing the opening of his glass installation at a prestigious art gallerythey do not include falling in love with a wild, tempestuous rock musician who wound up passed out on his couch.
Jonah sees that Kacey is on a path to self-destruction. He lets her crash with him for a few days to dry out and get her head on straight. But neither of them expected the deep connection they felt, or how that connection could grow so fast from friendship into something more. Something deep and pure and life-changingsomething as fragile as glass, that they both know will shatter in the end no matter how hard they try to hold on to it.

Full Tilt is a story about what it means to love with your whole heart, to sacrifice, to experience terrible grief and soaring joy. To live life with all its beauty, and all its pain, and in the end to be able to smile through tears and know you wouldnÔÇÖt have changed a thing.

***6 Stars***

ÔÇ£I didnÔÇÖt know it thenÔÇöI couldnÔÇÖt haveÔÇöbut in that moment, the rest of my life, or what was left of it, began.ÔÇØ ~Jonah

Finding a book that moves me to the point IÔÇÖm speechless and canÔÇÖt form coherent sentences doesnÔÇÖt happen very often. But Emma Scott keeps doing this to me. After reading How to Save a Life I didnÔÇÖt think I would ever feel like this again, and definitely not so soon, but Full Tilt proved me wrong. ItÔÇÖs unparalleled in its brilliance and beauty.

ÔÇ£But part of meÔÇöthe part that leapt for joy that she might stayÔÇöwanted something more with this beautiful, energetic, impulsive woman. My world had been fading to gray until she burst in like a bombshell of color and light, and dammit, I wanted it.ÔÇØ ~Jonah

Going in, I knew what to expect, but just like the human I am; I hoped, I prayed, I pleaded for the ending not to break me. Sadly, in vain. And yet, even though this book shattered me, it also healed me in the same instance with its profound message. Emma Scott has an unequaled talent when it comes to pulling the reader into the story and make them feel the pain, love, and joy pouring from the pages. She has definitely become one of my favorite authors of all time.

ÔÇ£IÔÇÖm scared that IÔÇÖm so busy being scared that IÔÇÖll never be anything at all.ÔÇØ ~Kacey

Kacey is on the brink of success, but her chance of stardom comes at a priceÔÇöa price she isnÔÇÖt sure sheÔÇÖs willing to pay. A chance meetingÔÇöwaking up on a strangerÔÇÖs couchÔÇöchanges her life completely. Jonah gives her the strength to fight for what she wants and trying to find herself instead of floating around depending on others to take care of her. I love seeing the way Kacey evolved as a person, how she grew into a strong, brave woman.

ÔÇ£ThatÔÇÖs my legacy: I loved you and was loved by you.ÔÇØ ~Jonah

Jonah is dyingÔÇöliterally and figuratively. Terminally ill, he only has one goal in lifeÔÇöleaving a legacy to be remembered by. What he doesnÔÇÖt want is another person to care for him. Protecting the people he cares about, heÔÇÖs successfully pushed most of them away. Kacey however, is differentÔÇöshe wonÔÇÖt let herself be pushed away and he is unable to fight the pull between them, even though he knows what’s coming.

ÔÇ£He kissed me again, slow and soft, while I burned with hope, sure there werenÔÇÖt thousands of moments left to us, but millions. Millions.ÔÇØ ~Kacey

I absolutely LOVE Jonah. HeÔÇÖs probably my most favorite male hero in contemporary romance. HeÔÇÖs not the typical alpha male the book world is flooded with. HeÔÇÖs real, sweet, loyal, not afraid to show emotions, and strong, so very strong, while facing the cruelest circumstances. HeÔÇÖs definitely one of a kind. His fate is terrifying, yet, he takes a chance on being with Kacey, while Kacey in her infinite patience and love for life┬áshows him how to live, how to make the most of his life. I love how Kacey brings light and beauty into his world, while Jonah gives her strength. ItÔÇÖs the perfect balance between the twoÔÇöbalance each of them needs to survive. They heal each other.

ÔÇ£No more living halfway. We had to go full tilt, just like the card players did. I would hit instead of stay. Always.ÔÇØ ~Kacey

Full Tilt is a rarity in the book worldÔÇöa book that will shatter your heart, but also glue the pieces back together. The love Jonah and Kacey share is a once in a lifetime love, one that will make you tear up every time you think about it. Their love is a thing of beauty we all can only hope weÔÇÖd be lucky enough to find in our lifetime. And Emma ScottÔÇÖs flawless writing only enhances the wonderful experience reading this book was.

She was so much. I could spend thousand full lifetimes and never reach the end of her. She is a universe ~Jonah

Ultimately, I doubt there are words adequate enough to convey my love for this book. But I know I will spend the rest of the year forcing people to read it. ItÔÇÖs the perfect blend of beautiful love story and devastating heartbreak. Everyone who has not read the extremely talented Emma Scott has to get on that, now! I cannot recommend this book enough. For me, itÔÇÖs another add to my rather short list of Top Reads of 2016. I cannot wait for the next one.

ÔÇ£YouÔÇÖve been a brilliant light in my drab, dark world.ÔÇØ ~Jonah

~Review by Anja

About Emma Scott

Emma Scott is a writer, marathon runner, and caffeine addict, who lives and writes in the California Bay Area. She has two smart, feisty little girls, a super-supportive husband, and is a demonstrated fan of the Oxford comma. She is also an unabashed Star Wars geek and comic book enthusiast who fell into romance novels when a writing contest prompt turned a 1000-word romantic story into a full-blown novel. She also writes epic fantasy that suffers an epic word count.

She hopes you enjoy her work, encourages readers to leave feedback, and thinks it's amusing to write about herself in the third person. And if she has a driving force the fuels her work, it's that love always wins.

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