Sweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay #1) by Jill Shalvis #ReleaseDay #4.5StarReview @JillShalvis @avonbooks @HarperVoyagerUS

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Sweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay #1) by Jill Shalvis #ReleaseDay #4.5StarReview @JillShalvis @avonbooks @HarperVoyagerUS

Sweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay #1) by Jill Shalvis #ReleaseDay #4.5StarReview @JillShalvis @avonbooks @HarperVoyagerUSSweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay, #1) by Jill Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #1
Published by Avon on June 28th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
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Choose the one guy you canÔÇÖt have . . .
As captain of a San Francisco Bay tour boat, Pru can handle rough seasÔÇöthe hard part is life on dry land. Pru loves her new apartment and her neighbors; problem is, sheÔÇÖs in danger of stumbling into love with Mr. Right for Anybody But Her.
Fall for himÔÇöhard . . .
Pub owner Finn OÔÇÖRiley is six-foot-plus of hard-working hottie who always makes time for his friends. When Pru becomes one of them, she discovers how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of that deep green gaze. But when a freak accident involving darts (donÔÇÖt ask) leads to shirtless first aid, things rush way past the friend zone. Fast.
And then tell him the truth.
Pru only wants Finn to be happy; itÔÇÖs what she wishes for at the historic fountain thatÔÇÖs supposed to grant her heartÔÇÖs desire. But wanting him for herself is a different storyÔÇöbecause PruÔÇÖs been keeping a secret that could change everything. . . .

ÔÄêÔÜôÔÄêÔÜôÔÄê 4.5┬áStars┬áÔÄêÔÜôÔÄêÔÜôÔÄê

Jill Shalvis is a sure thing and I I know I can count on her for a great read. ┬áSweet Little Lies is ┬áamong my favorites as we get a ┬ástrong yet vulnerable heroine and a sexy & stubborn alpha male. ┬áSweet Little Lies is also set in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. Reading this made me realize IÔÇÖm LONG overdue for a visit there. The story centers on Pru (Prudence) Harris and her acts of atonement. ┬áThese lead her straight into the path of one Finn OÔÇÖRiley ┬á- a path she aimed for. Finn is the reason she moves into the building she does and the subject of her ÔÇ£magicalÔÇØ fountain wish.

When Pru and Finn meet, the find they have an immediate connection. ShalvisÔÇÖ writing , always flawless, ┬áshows the attraction but allows the characters to build upon it naturally. The story is set at a good pace making this a smooth read, ┬áone thatÔÇÖs easy to get into and easy to stay with. ┬áPru is ┬áthe type of heroine that I find myself wanting and ┬áwishing that I know her ┬áin real life. Her sole purpose in life is to right a wrong that hurt multiple families and left her alone in the world. This solitary goal is honorable and selfless and yet somehow she ends up with a reputation as the ÔÇ£fun whispererÔÇØ. ┬áMaybe itÔÇÖs a coping mechanism, considering herself as such, ┬ábut it really is part of her dynamic character traits that make her endearing. ┬áShe is pretty daring which usually works out for her. It certainly does when it comes to Finn.

However the connection she shares with Finn is certainly not a part of her plans to make good by him. ┬áFinn is mr. serious and he really needs to have his world shaken up. Shalvis details out Finn so thoroughly that I could practically see him under the hood of the car, as Pru once finds him. Damn that man is sexy and oozes self-possession. ┬áItÔÇÖs fun to see him crack under PruÔÇÖs influence. His transformation is swift and slow at the same time, if that makes sense. ItÔÇÖs more more to do with the degree of change her undergoes over the short time Pru and Finn circle each other.

The secondary characters are a huge part of the story. ┬áJake, well I loved his place in her life. He says to her exactly what she needs to hear and plays a protective role in her life ( trying to protect her from herself). ┬áWhen she moves into the apartment complex, the one that is strategically near FinnÔÇÖs bar, she is surrounded by a wonderful group of people. Willa and Emma provide her with a great support system while Thor provides comfort and comic relief. ┬áSurrounded by this makeshift family, Finn and Pru seem fated as they balance each other out and make for a sweet and sexy couple. ┬á 4.5 Stars and recommendation!

~Review by Cyndi


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