The Layover by Jason Carter #5StarReview #OUAP @TNauthor

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The Layover by Jason Carter #5StarReview #OUAP @TNauthorThe Layover by Jason Carter
Published by Smashwords Edition on June 9th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Author David Stone has gone from unknown to New York Times bestseller almost overnight - a transition that hasn't come without a price. After two lengthy tours, David finds his sales at an all-time high, and his marriage to his wife, Nicole, at an all-time low. And while David has made several attempts to bridge the gap that has settled between them, it seems the emotional and physical connection they once shared has been severed beyond repair. During a layover at the end of his latest tour, David encounters Elise, a beautiful business woman who joins him at the terminal bar. On the surface, the two pass their time together in innocence. But it quickly becomes apparent that, with the bridge to his wife in such a state of decay, even the slightest bit of attention from another woman is enough to arouse David's interest. What happens when casual conversation over drinks shifts to an invitation for something more? Where will David, a once happily married man in a now not-so-happy marriage, draw the line? Will he even bother to draw one? And if he does, can he keep from crossing it?

ÔÇóÔÿå.ÔÇó*┬┤┬¿`*ÔÇóÔÇó5 StarsÔÇóÔÇó*┬┤┬¿`*ÔÇó.ÔÿåÔÇó

It didn’t take me a day to finish this. I did it in an evening. Once I started, I just couldn’t keep myself from staying with it. I was torn up the entire time. Fascinated by David at the same time I wanted to throttle his neck. This is the first book by Jason Carter┬áthat I’ve read and I’ve already snatched up his other books on Amazon.┬áI was intrigued by the plot and it obviously held me captive.

We know by the premise that while at the airport David is unexpectedly drawn towards a women named Elise. He can’t stop himself from following her to the bar and he sets the wheels in motion. Seems like a little innocent flirting but the thoughts running through that man’s head…

The story is given to us both in present circumstances and as he reflects on becoming a best selling author, and just what that did to eat away at the relationship he has with his wife Nicole. As he navigates the book signing & interview tour, we learn nothing of his life at home. Just that there is a vast divide in his marriage.

The story is steamy and his desire for Elise was palpable. While I enjoyed the chase, I felt myself getting wound up about David’s disregard for his marriage. The romantic in me so wants to see David consider the implications of what he seems determined to do and never thinks about it. The pragmatist in me knows marriages fall a part everyday, all the time, with or without the vow of fidelity being broken. So I read to see just what David would do and my anxiety continued to climb, even though I knew nothing about Nicole, nothing about their marriage, except that they had grown a part. He doesn’t reflect on his life at home at all. He’s a man obsessed with woman he glanced at and flirted with at an airport bar. happens all the time, right? But it infuriated me while at the same time the flirting became outrageous and oh so hot. Still I really didn’t think I could ever like David.

And then he surprised me.

In truth, the author does a wonderful job turning my disdain for David around. All I can say is WOW and well done. This was not a good book to read while trying to end the day, doing some reading before falling asleep. That’s on me because I know I was looking for some angst. The problem was, I didn’t know it would be mine. ┬áThis is a great read and I wholly recommend it!

~Review by Cyndi


About Jason Carter

Although he was born in Montreal, Canada, Jason grew up in the ethnic and cultural melting pot of southern
California. For more than twenty-five years, cities such as Torrance, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Lakewood, and various parts of Orange County were all places he called home. ItÔÇÖs no wonder that, while he now resides in Tennessee, he still chooses to set his stories within the southern California area.

After spending several years in the music scene, Jason shifted gears, turning his talents from writing music to writing books. His first work, a thirty-five thousand word novella, was published in 2005. And while its sales were mild, they were enough for him to press on, drafting three more works in as many years.

Jason has since made the move to Tennessee where he lives with his wife and their son.



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