Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd #Review #5Stars #MustRead #OUAP

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Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd #Review #5Stars #MustRead #OUAPDeep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd
on March 26th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Livvy is on the run. And sheÔÇÖs escaped to the one place nobody will ever find her.

But the isolated cottage isnÔÇÖt empty. Her refuge is home to a troubled stranger, Tom, there for reasons of his own.

In the intimacy of the abandoned cottage, and the remote wilderness of the island, the electrifying connection between them is impossible to ignore. Both running from their histories and shielding dark secrets, their pasts catch up with them and collide in an unimaginable way.

Deep emotions and powerful chemistry face a painful battle with the tangle of lies, and scars of the past. When the truth emerges, hearts will be shattered.

ÔÇ£All lies were black and destructive. A while lie was truly the blackest of all.ÔÇØ

Every now and again, you come across a beautiful piece of literature. One so poignant and heart-wrenching, and at the same time, beautifully uplifting and buoyant. Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd was just that for me.

I started this book on a whim and recommendation. I needed something different, unique, and yes, heartbreaking while still giving me my HEA. Deep Blue Eternity was all this, and so much more. It took me down a path to devastatingly beautiful, I couldnÔÇÖt put it down. I slowly broke with Olivia, went through hell, and healed right alongside her.

ÔÇ£She saw herself as something broken and damaged, and I saw her as absolutely fucking perfect.ÔÇØ

OliviaÔÇöbarely eighteenÔÇöran away in order to escape her own personal hell concealed as family. Finding her way to the only place she can think of, the one place she felt saveÔÇöher grandmotherÔÇÖs cottage in the middle of nowhere. However, her desperately sought after isolation is not as isolated as she hoped. The cottage is occupied by a strangerÔÇöTom.

ÔÇ£Olivia Baines needed something and seemed unilaterally unaware of it. Her need was tangible and almost vimpiric; a vast, aching, vacuum of loneliness that pulled me forward every time I was around her.ÔÇØ

ItÔÇÖs not easy for Liv to trust a stranger enough to live with him, but something in TomÔÇÖs eyes is familiar. As tension rise, mistakes are made, secrets are revealed, it takes all of OliviaÔÇÖs strength to not give into the darknessÔÇöto fight, to hope, to believe.

ÔÇ£My last thought as everything faded was that rain on the water looked like stars. It was the infinity and wonder of space. Except the surface was kind of blue from the sky and the ray of sun that broke through the clouds.ÔÇØ

Deep Blue Eternity was amazing and one of those rarities that will stay with you for a while. Natasha BoydÔÇÖs writing is poetic and deeply moving. And yes, I totally cried my eyes out, but it also restored hope. Hope that sometimes, love can conquer all and help you heal.

I enjoyed how self-aware Olivia was throughout the story, she knew she had issues; she just didnÔÇÖt know how to deal with them. And yes, she was childish at points, but she was aware of it and didnÔÇÖt make excuses for it, even in her head, she just didnÔÇÖt know how not to be the way her demons demand her to be. I loved it, and it showed that underneath the mask, she was way too mature for her age.
While the story touched upon some difficult issues, and I was very happy to see they were dealt with sensibly.

I only wish we would have gotten more at the end of the story. More of firsthand account of what happened with their families. But this was mostly due to the fact that I wasnÔÇÖt done with the story yet, but are we ever with amazing books such as this one?

Deep Blue Eternity is a book everyone should read. And I have a feeling it just made my Top Reads List this year.

~Review by Anja


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