Chasing Eva (In Light of Shadows #1) by Camellia Hart #BlogTour #Review @HartCamellia @BareNakedWords

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Chasing Eva (In Light of Shadows #1) by Camellia Hart #BlogTour #Review @HartCamellia @BareNakedWords

Chasing Eva by Camellia Hart
Series: In Light of Shadows #1
on April 5th, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 227
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An addictive, suspenseful & sensual story about a man and a woman whose lives are about to get sizzling hot...

After living through her share of disloyal relationships, Evangeline Avery will be damned if she lets another man cheat her. A beautiful and confident woman, Eva is the owner of an interior design firm at the brink of collapse. She swears to bring her company back to its past glory, even if it involves sweet talking the one man who caused this turmoil in the first place - Clive Stanton.

Notorious playboy Clive Stanton is a powerful businessman and a formidable enemy of many. He doesnÔÇÖt do love, or at least not until he meets her again, fifteen years after he saw her last. Eva, his crush from teenage years, the one that got away, is back in his world and he is determined to do anything to make her his.

Will passion and lust bring them together or conflict and the unforgettable scars from their pasts forever tear them apart?

Camellia Hart’s debut, Chasing Eva, is one of those sexy, fun and yet wistful reads. It’s a romance and mystery story that kept me interested on both fronts. We are immediately plummeted into the world of Eva Avery, reluctant heir to her fathers design firm. And we also meet Clive Stanton whose company is a client to Eva’s. Initially I felt a giddiness at the prospect of Eva being in Clive Stanton’s line of sight. It’s pretty apparent she doesn’t have the resources to fend off Clive, but who would want to?

Camellia’s writing style is solid, with a great story line and dialogue. Clive surprised me as he’s deeper than the playboy we meet, then the one Eva reads about after she’s had a brief encounter with him. His history in military intelligence doesn’t jive up with the role he takes running his families billion dollar company. I kept wondering if the reputation of him as a playboy was a ruse, that maybe he’s playing a part in something big and that it’s devised to throw everyone off his trail. I like the mystery aspect so I’d like to think it’s a possibility, but the story here is about Eva and this fantastic connection between them.

There’s some typical communication issues which leads to angst and a bit of drama. I’m not a huge fan of this (why doesn’t she just ask??), but it mostly works with who these two are. Eva is careful with Clive but even with his promise of exclusivity she can’t help but be guarded. She shares enough that Clive has to know that he needs to prove himself to her. Thankfully Eva has such a wonderful support network with her friends Izzy and Ali and I found that I was just as interested in their lives (drama) as I was with Eva’s.

Clive felt genuine to me throughout and his intentions are clear, but still I want more. I’m hoping books 2 and 3 give us more details on him and the promise of Eva in his life. There is still a mystery to solve and I definitely have the remaining books on my TBR shelf. 4.5 Stars and recommendation!

~Review by Cyndi

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About Camellia Hart

Camellia Hart, a techie turned author of romance, lives in San Francisco with her husband, the love of her life. Other than writing her next romance novel, her hobbies include traveling, lazing on a beach with a good read, watching movies with happy endings while gorging on endless buckets of popcorn, red wine, and champagne truffles.


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