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A Heart Of Time by Shari J Ryan #ReleaseDay #BlogTour #Review  @sharijryan @sassysavvyfabA Heart of Time by Shari J. Ryan
Published by MadHat Books on May 18th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 242
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ÔÇ£Time of death...ÔÇØ the doctor said.
I wonÔÇÖt forget that moment I looked over at EllieÔÇöthe paleness of her once rosy cheeks, the blue hue coating her perfect lipsÔÇöthe woman I had been with since we were five years old. My wife. My best friend...and the mother to our newborn baby girl.
You promised me we would be together forever, I wanted to tell her. She gave me her forever, I told myself. Her forever just ended at twenty-five.
ÔÇ£You need to say your goodbyes...ÔÇØ the doctor said.
How do I say goodbye to the one person in my life I could never say goodbye to?
My body is numb, and my heart hurts. Hurts like someone just ripped it out of my chest. Which is ironic ...
ÔÇ£We are going to remove her heart now, Hunter. It was her wish to donate,ÔÇØ the doctor said.
She never told me this.
She never told me another woman would carry on with her beating heart. She never told me this woman knew me but wouldnÔÇÖt let me know her.
She never told me if I should follow her heart, or if I should follow mine.
She knew. She could have told me...

A Heart of Time of the first book by Shari Ryan that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I love second chance romance stories, I knew this would be the type of a different flavor and this one went in┬áa direction I hadn’t expected. The story┬áopens with a┬ámajor incident; one that sets the tone for the story and┬áone that kept me restless through the entire read.┬á Our main character Hunter, ┬ámade me very anxious and I simply couldn’t shake it.┬á Kudos to Ryan for impacting my mood so intensely and made this a┬áone sitting read.

Ryan creates a subtle catalyst for change when┬áHunter is introduced to his new neighbor Charlotte. ┬áThis leads to something that takes Hunter out of his comfort zone and ensures things won’t ever be the same.┬áIn this, Hunter’s distress┬áis palpable. I found myself suspicious of Charlotte from the get go. I couldn’t pin it┬áon anything specific, but I felt┬áthat she was holding back on something so between likely secrets and a┬áfeeling that she felt a┬álittle desperate.┬áHunter is further conflicted when he meets Ari, who adds a whole new level of complexity to Hunter’s life.┬á┬áHis conflict made me conflicted and I couldn’t quite reconcile his path,┬áwhat┬áor who would be good for him.┬áAri seems so right and she also seemed so wrong.┬áIt was a bit perplexing.

The story is rich with multiple characters and a couple side story-lines. Olive, Hunters young daughter is at the center. She is wise beyond her 5 years and exactly what drives most of Hunter’s┬álife choices.┬á┬áHunters brother AJ provides┬ádrama, his own and some for Hunter as well.

The story wasn’t predictable even when┬áit went where I thought it would.┬áPart of me wanted something different.┬á But in the end, it made sense; Hunter’s┬árecovery and the path he ended up on.┬áMy connection with Hunter was unexpected and┬áfor the most part I stayed lock step with his moods.┬á I’m always in awe when an author can make me feel so much for characters┬áthat I feel like I have a stake in their future(s).┬á┬á4 stars & recommendation!

~Review by Cyndi

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About Shari J. Ryan

Shari J. Ryan is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling author, a Barnes & Noble Top 10 Bestselling author, and an iBookstore #1 Bestselling author. She hails from Central Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and two lively little boys. Shari has always had an active imagination and enjoys losing herself in the fictional worlds she creates.

When Shari isnÔÇÖt writing, she can usually be found cleaning toys up off the floor.


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