Guided love (Prick Series, #1) by Tracie Redmond #Review #4Stars #Series #OUAP @RedmondAuthor

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Guided love (Prick Series, #1) by Tracie Redmond #Review #4Stars #Series #OUAP @RedmondAuthor

Guided love (Prick Series, #1) by Tracie Redmond #Review #4Stars #Series #OUAP @RedmondAuthorGuided Love by Tracie Redmond
Series: The Prick Series #1
on July 13th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Sam Jacobs has been best friends with Camaron Willis since the second grade. Ever since the day they met her heart belonged to him.

Now graduating from college Sam moves across the country to start their life together. They have been planning this for years, she will help him with his tattoo business while writing her first novel. Together, they will make their dreams come true.

Life and people change, Sam finds herself discovering that the one you thought you always wanted may not be the one you need.
Sometimes life guides you to places you always should have been.

Guided Love was a surprise in the best way possible, and not at all what I expected. I predicted a sweet friends-to-lovers romance with some twists and turns. But no, Tracie Redmond did not give me sweet. She gave me bawling-my-eyes-out heartbreak. She shredded my heart with this oneÔÇöin the best way possible.

I loved Sam from page one. She was sweet, funny, smart, and probably the most loyal character IÔÇÖve ever encountered. She moved across the country to move in with her best friend Camaron, help out at his tattoo shop, and start writing her novel. SheÔÇÖs been in love with him since she can remember, but values their friendship too much to go after what she wantsÔÇöor thinks she wants. Ever since they met, itÔÇÖs always been the two of them against the world. He was the one constant in her lifeÔÇöuntil he wasnÔÇÖt.

Unfortunately, Camaron was too selfish to realize what he had right in front of him. HeÔÇÖs too absorbed in his own problems to realize heÔÇÖs destroying the one good thing in his life. IÔÇÖm sure there is a reason as to why he acts the way he does, we donÔÇÖt learn much about his past in this book, but since his book is the next one it only makes me more curious. There were a couple instances where I would have love to beat the shit out of him for the things he did with blatant disregard for SamÔÇÖs feelings. He destroys her without a care, and then is surprised when he loses her in the process.

While I might hate Cam, a little, for what he didÔÇöI still believe heÔÇÖs redeemableÔÇöhis actions opened SamÔÇÖs eyes to what was right in front of herÔÇöAxel. I loved Axel, his patience, sweetness, sexiness, and protectivenessÔÇöperfect for Sam. Throughout the story Sam was never a pathetic little pushover, but truly loyal to the one person who seemed to have always been there for her, even if it might have been misguided. I admired that she recognized how she needed to remove herself from a toxic situation and find herselfÔÇögrow as a person, realize her own self-worth, and love herself first.

Guided Love is a journey of finding yourself, your own worth, and love. SamÔÇÖs story wasnÔÇÖt an easy one, but it was relatable. She was your everyday girl with flaws who makes mistakes, not some perfect bimbo. I really enjoyed this story. ItÔÇÖs a great debut novel.

~Review by Anja


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