Frigid Affair By Jennifer Foor #BlogTour #Review #Excerpt @jennyfoor @InkSlingerPR

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Frigid Affair By Jennifer Foor #BlogTour #Review  #Excerpt @jennyfoor @InkSlingerPR

Frigid Affair By Jennifer Foor #BlogTour #Review  #Excerpt @jennyfoor @InkSlingerPRFrigid Affair by Jennifer Foor
on February 15th, 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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A treacherous winter storm brought him to me. While the wind ripped, freezing everything in reach, he was a warm distraction, albeit a constant reminder of what I'd been missing. I thought I'd never see him again. I was content with it being a one-night-stand.

Ôÿå.ÔÇó*┬┤┬¿`*ÔÇóÔÇó 3.5┬á┬áStars ÔÇóÔÇó*┬┤┬¿`*ÔÇó.Ôÿå

Jennifer FoorÔÇÖs latest standalone, Frigid Affair, has a very interesting premise. From the opening pages itÔÇÖs clear itÔÇÖs going to be a suspense romance and the back story is set up in the first few chapters. Amantha Stone is living in isolation after having lost her parents and brother to a tragic accident. What motivates her to change her life the the way she does is clear early on. The story then flash forwards a few years to the night AmanthaÔÇÖs life is changed completely and the story line builds towards a mystery.

Frigid Affair is well paced and plotted read that will keep your attention. A lot happens in the first half of the book as Amantha finds herself in a situation that would make most very suspicious, which she is, but 4 years without companionship will drive a person to act a little recklessly.  This changes her life, changes who she is, and leads her towards a new understanding about unconditional love and forgiveness.

I gasped at about the midway point when Foor delivers a great plot twist. ┬áPeople arenÔÇÖt who they seem and who they turn out to be that will have you shaking your head. ┬áShe is one of those no-bull characters and I like the fact that she really lives her life with no regrets. I felt a lot of empathy for her early on, but some of her choices led me to feel disconnected from her. We spend a portion of the book learning about her through inner dialogue but then her actual interactions with people didnÔÇÖt always reflect who I thought she was. She was so careful, so sensible about covering all the bases. ┬áBut, sheÔÇÖs not very warm and itÔÇÖs only her encounter with one man that shows a totally different side of herself. ┬áBut when she decides to let guard down, she does so with a bit too much gusto. ┬á┬áThis does help make the story more interesting, but I just didnÔÇÖt think it made her all that endearing. ┬á┬á

Frigid Affair is the fourth book by Jennifer Foor that IÔÇÖve read and I do love the situations that she presents.The steamy scenes are good and Foor does a great job getting to a satisfying ending.

3.5 stars and recommendation in romantic suspense

~Review by Cyndi

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“YouÔÇÖre my hero. You saved my life. Let me thank you properly.ÔÇØfrigid3 (1)

I let a cackle slip out. ÔÇ£IÔÇÖm sorry. I suppose I tell it like it is.ÔÇØ I took my finger and looped it into the hem of his pants. He stepped closer, breaking the distance between us. There wasnÔÇÖt time to look in the mirror and tell myself how inappropriate my mother would say I was acting. This was my life, and parts of me were tired of being neglected. I needed to feel something other than alone, even if only for a little while. ÔÇ£How about we take off these clothes before the warm water runs out?ÔÇØ

His hand latched onto my chin, bringing it up until I could feel his lips grazing over mine. ÔÇ£If you want someone to give it to you good, I can be your guy. I just need you to make me a promise.ÔÇØ

I whispered. ÔÇ£Sure.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£You canÔÇÖt hold back. I know weÔÇÖre battling sleep deprivation, and at some point weÔÇÖre going to crash, albeit I donÔÇÖt have anywhere else to be, at least for the next ten or so hours. LetÔÇÖs forget who we are and what happened in the past. Tonight, itÔÇÖs just us. If you can do that, IÔÇÖll be whatever you need me to be. I want this to happen. I didnÔÇÖt think I would, but I canÔÇÖt resist giving you what you want, not when I need it too.ÔÇØ With regard to what he said, I tried to read his expression. He seemed like he was battling demons, and I wasnÔÇÖt in the mood to stop and ask if he wanted to talk about it. We werenÔÇÖt friends. I couldnÔÇÖt help him. IÔÇÖd run away from everything, proving to be a poor example of a person who could deal with struggles.

I nodded in response. ÔÇ£That wonÔÇÖt be a problem.ÔÇØ It was true. I hadnÔÇÖt had sex in so long that I knew I wouldnÔÇÖt be able to think about anything else. My heart was racing and I felt like I was going to pass out, not at all from the smoke inhalation either. I was elated with excitement for what was about to occur between us, almost to the extent of losing consciousness.


About Jennifer Foor

A Maryland native who spends most of her time devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.
She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.


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