#BuddyRead A Reason to Live (Reason, #3) by CP Smith #Review #ReasonSeries #OUAP @CPSmith63

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#BuddyRead A Reason to Live (Reason, #3) by CP Smith #Review #ReasonSeries #OUAP @CPSmith63

#BuddyRead A Reason to Live (Reason, #3) by CP Smith #Review #ReasonSeries #OUAP @CPSmith63A Reason To Live by C.P. Smith
Series: Reason #3
on February 21st, 2016
Genres: Alpha Male, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


WARNING: Author believes in soul mates and insta-love, proceed with caution if you're not a romantic at heart.

Love's greatest cure is salvation of oneÔÇÖs soul.

Shane Sherman has a problem. Well, two, actually. One has auburn hair and pale-green eyes, and the other? . . . Is a secret. One he doesn't want to talk about. But all that changes when Sage comes to town.

Sage Sloan is being stalked. So she runs to Trails End and the bravest man her sister said she'd ever met. Sergeant Shane Sherman.

Sparks fly, tempers flare, and bears misbehave as Shane and Sage find a way to coexist in Trails End. That is, until a killer comes to call. Then all bets are off. Shane isn't about to lose his saving grace.

ÔØä ÊëÔÇ┐Ô×╣ÔüÇÔØå Buddy Read ÔØä ÊëÔÇ┐Ô×╣ÔüÇÔØå

Today, we bring you one more #BuddyRead. We really do love to do these. Anyway, Cyndi and Anja both have been avid readers of CP Smith ever since “A Reason to Kill” and loved her┬áover-protective, yet sweet, alphas. “A Reason to Live” is the last one in the “Reason Series” and definitely been greatly anticipated.

1. How was it going back to Trails End? And especially Gunnison? Because yes, we get to meet all the previous characters of the series again.

UsmanovOleg@gmail.comAnja: I couldnÔÇÖt wait go back to Trails End. I fell in love with it during Max and MiaÔÇÖs story and I was thrilled to go back. Mostly however, I was excited to get some more Maxine. That woman is a hoot and I totally want to be her when I grow up. As for going back to Gunnison, well I sure as hell didnÔÇÖt see that one coming. I have to say, while A Reason to Breathe is my least favorite of CPÔÇÖs books, I did love Jack and Jenn. I forgot how funny this group of people was. It sure was amazing to see where all of our beloved characters were in their life and how the new couple fit into the group dynamic.

Cyndy: Yes, I only just finished A Reason To Kill a few weeks ago but I already missed Trails End.┬á In R2K I didn’t see Shane being as Alpha as he is, so I’m glad┬áhe was the H in A Reason┬áTo Live.┬á I think CP did an amazing job on the plot, connecting everyone through other characters, circumstances, and also through time and place. I loved┬ácatching up with Max and Mia and really loved┬áthat we get to see the Gunnisons’ (in Gunnison) again.

2. Shane Sherman *swoon* He has his reasons for being closed off. How did you feel about him? Was he forth fighting for?

Anja: I LOVED Shane. HeÔÇÖs definitely the typical overprotective alpha we expect from CP. HeÔÇÖs loyal, protective, sweet, and broken. I totally understand his reasoning as to why heÔÇÖs closed off and doesnÔÇÖt think he deserves happiness. Guilt is tricky and makes rational people do stupid stuff. However, I would have loved to hit him over the head in the beginning, a lot. He hurt Sage for no reason. And the hot and cold thing he had going on was pretty frustrating. But once he let go of the past, and moved on, he was everything I wanted him to be.

Cyndi: Shane, Shane, Shane – I have Shane-brain. And yes, he’s so worth fighting for. I think he was the most stubborn of all of them, but I understand it. His reasons for pushing back on Sage, then stating she would need to stay close made sense. It was hard to be in his head/heart at times as the conflicting feelings tore┬áaway at him. I agree Anja, guilt drives a lot of unreasonable behavior.┬áI often associate it┬áwith shame, but I didn’t get that from him at all.┬áI don’t think an Alpha of his caliber would be ashamed of much and it wouldn’t have been the right emotion.┬áNow as far as deserving a smack down…I didn’t think he was cruel to her and he didn’t play games, but he certainly sent mixed signals and that made me VERY unhappy with him.


3. Sage SloanÔÇöI love the name btwÔÇöhasnÔÇÖt had the most peaceful life. How did you like her?UsmanovOleg@gmail.com

Anja: I have to say, Sage might be my favorite heroine of this series. She was strong, independent, resilient, and for once she was the one fighting for what she wanted. She was the strong one fighting to pull Shane out of this dark place he was in. At the same time, she did show us, and Shane, her vulnerable side too. Sage is a complex character filled with strength, but vulnerable and fragile as well. I like this about her. It not only added layers to her character, it also made her very interesting and entertaining.

Cyndi: Rightee o’ you are┬áAnja, Sage is wonderful! Her backstory really endeared me to her.┬á I’m going with all “s” words to describe her – smart, sassy, sweet, straightforward, and strong-willed. She doesn’t mince words and that makes her perfect for Shane. He needs it straight so as not to allow him to use that as an excuse for his behavior.┬á She has enough of her own guilt and that made their understanding of each other, their connection, really tangible.┬á┬áGosh, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I connect with Mia the most. I’m a little (or maybe a lot)┬áclumsy and her backstory was less tragic and more relatable (for me).


4. How did you like their relationship? Anything that astounded you? Made you mad?

Anja: I actually liked their relationship quite a bit. It deviated from the norm, it wasnÔÇÖt our typical ÔÇ£hero sees heroine and knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with herÔÇØ. For once, it was the heroine, Sage, who knew, who fought, and who stayed. It was refreshing to see this. I also enjoyed the banter between them. Their relationship was filled with humor, passion, and bickeringÔÇöeverything IÔÇÖve come to love about CP SmithÔÇÖs books over the past year.

Cyndi: I couldn’t agree more Anja! It is different in that Sage was really the more aggressive of the two. She does not give up on him even when he gives her reasons to walk away. My heart stopped at one point when I thought she might have finally given up, when I though Shane finally pushed her too far.


5. What did you like best about the book?

Mature Couple Shopping At Garden CentreAnja: The best part about his book was, hands down, Maxine. I freaking adore her. SheÔÇÖs this amazing woman who every girl wants as her BFF, or mother-in-law! SheÔÇÖs strong, independent, nosy, smart, and oh so wise. Her ÔÇ£Maxine-ismsÔÇØ where not only hilarious, they were also really insightful and sensible. Her one-liners alone make this book worth reading. And the fact that she gets her HEA as well made me so very happy! I loved it.

Cyndi: Again┬áI agree with you A, and you’re probably sick of hearing that. Knowing what I know of you,┬áyou ARE Maxine…
So,┬áthe biggest surprise for me was┬áMaxine and the┬áexistence of that┬á”certain someone”. ┬áBut I think my favorite bit was the “errands tour” that Maxine springs on Sage. That woman is a diviner of sorts┬áand her meddling ways epitomize┬áher┬ákookie and genuine nature.


6. Any last thoughts on the book, the series itself, plot line, characters?

Anja: I really liked this book, and the series itself. It was a fun, quick read with hilarious characters and a well-developed story line. CP Smith, for me, is slowly becoming one of those go-to authors who I know I can pick anything up from and like it.

UsmanovOleg@gmail.comCyndi: What I love is how thoughtful the story is. I read A LOT and what shines through is how much effort and love CP put into what she delivers;┬áthe characters and story line mesh across the entire series.┬áHer Alpha’s are among the best of the best and she matches them to the right “type” of ┬áfemale. She builds on┬áthe connection, making┬áthe instant attraction very believable. It feels like souls┬ácoming back together, it’s organic. ┬áR2L left me with a book hangover and much of that came with how she┬áinvolved the characters from R2B and R2K. The epilogue(s) are wonderful ~ not too long and perfectly mapped out as far as the amount of time that passes and the conclusion that we get.┬áShe’s definitely a go-to author and I look forward to what’s next!

Anja: I couldn’t agree more with this, C! Well said and oh so true!

We both agree A Reason to Live is an amazing read. We give it 5 well-deserving Stars!

~Review by Anja & Cyndi

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